Sunday's pictures - Will the real Eiffel Tower stand up, please?

Watching the sunset and admiring the view of the Eiffel Tower from the rooftop terrace of the Galeries Lafayette yesterday evening. Chilly but beautiful.

I offer you the choice of three Eiffel Towers. After spending Thursday and Friday afternoon at the Salon du Chocolate in Paris, I'll take the "real" one today. What about you - metal, chocolate or macarons?

Wondering why I can't even think about eating another piece of chocolate? Take a look at this post about the Salon.

Eiffel Tower made out of macarons at the Salon du Chocolat
Eiffel Tower made out of chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat


  1. I'll take the chocolate one this morning, but I wonder if the engineering of this one is as awe inspiring at the real one. Please ask Stephane. (I have retold, several times, the engineering fact of the one foot scale model weighing 7 grams to my architect friends who are all impressed.)

  2. Even though I'm trying not to mention the Salon du Chocolat too much at home because Stephane is still pouting that I didn't bring him any chocolate and nougat, I asked if he was impressed by the chocolate Eiffel Tower. He must still be a bit upset because he said that he isn't as impressed by it as by the real one. He was, however, very pleased to hear that you've talked about the ET with your architect friends.

  3. How could you not bring home chocolate from such an event? Surely they gave you goodie bags for attending, yes?

  4. You sound exactly like Stephane! If it's any consolation, he got his revenge by ordering a made-to-measure umbrella from Michel on Saturday.

    No goodie bags - only as many samples as you could eat!


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