Sunday's picture and a story: Make Way for Ducklings

"Make Way for Ducklings", bronze sculpture by Nancy Schon in the Boston Public Garden

Whether you're two or 23, there's something irresistibly charming about the bronze statues of the mother duck and her eight baby ducklings from Robert McCloskey's classic children's tale, Make Way for Ducklings, in the Boston Public Garden. The story about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard's search for just the right place to start their family has long been a favorite and perhaps inspired my own need to find just the right home for our two children whenever we moved to a new country. And now they're both in Boston - just like Mrs. Mallard's ducklings!

Bridget and Sara (one of my ducklings)

Click on the arrow of the YouTube Video to hear Make Way for Ducklings.

The duck pond at the Boston Public Garden


  1. Is feeding the ducks still allowed and encouraged?

    Such a cute story, I haven't read it since my public library page duty days.

  2. I loved that story as a child.... and have never seen the sculptured duck and ducklings. Did you go for a swan boat ride? Wow, MK you really are enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Don't forget to get your souvenier sports team shirts. (although the Red Sox ar somewhat of an embarrassment this year!)And you were in town for yet another Patriots home game win today. Loving your blog while "out of Paris".

  3. P.S. I have read some recent reviews about the Union Oyster House. Apparently less shenanigans by the wait steff,food is reported now as average but historically a great place to visit. Food is averge but pure New England. Home of the FIRST toothpick, by the way!

  4. Joseph, Good question - I don't know if feeding the ducks is allowed, but I did see quite a few people feeding the pigeons. In "Make Way...", the policeman feeds the ducks peanuts which seems a bit strange. When I listened to the YouTube version of the story, I started wondering if ducks actually eat peanuts. It's something I never thought about before.

    Nancy, The sculpture was installed in 1987. It would be easy to miss if you don't know where to look for it. I didn't go for a swan boat ride. There are so many things that I'll have to do the next time that I'm in Boston, like getting some sports gear! I really want to see a Sox game. My daughter told me that the price of Bruins tickets has increased significantly after their big win.

    I was hoping to take my children to the Union Oyster House on Saturday night but we were worn out from shopping with my son because it takes him forever to find something that he likes. So, we ended up at Cafeteria on Newbury St. It was the first (and only!) place that we could find with an empty table.

    I LOVE your hometown! Now I'm off to google "first toothpick".


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