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Why isn't Paris number 1, or at least in the top 10, in the newly released 2011 Quality of Living Index?

Feel like "Putting on the Ritz" in Paris? Better hurry because it's closing for renovations soon.

Monday Morning Musings on Pickpockets on the Metro in Paris

Sunday's pictures and a song - Just before Sunset

Carte Blanche at Chez L'Ami Jean, the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner in Paris

Out with the old, in with the new - Christmas lights on the Champs-Elysées

Thanksgiving: The American grocery store in Paris, not the holiday!

Picayune Pecan Pie - the best pecan pie...ever!

Thanks to lunch at Les Bouquinistes, my relationship with Paris is still in its honeymoon stage!

Hôtel de Ville in Paris: You've seen the outside, now it's time to see the inside!

Sunday's pictures and a song - Cruising on the Seine on a "Bateaux Mouches"

Want to "hunt" poorly parked cars in Paris? Today's the day!

Cheers to Beaujolais Nouveau - a reason to celebrate!