Sunday's pictures and a song - Cruising on the Seine on a "Bateaux Mouches"


  1. I love that song and video, new to me. Perfect selection.

    I've done two or three rides on the Bateaux and always enjoy it, as touristy as it is, it's just a requirement. There's a water taxi as well, correct? I've also stood on a bridge as a boat passes below and thrown kisses to the people on the upper deck--they always respond favorably, but that was many moons ago when I was a younger lad.

  2. Thanks - I'm really glad that you liked the song! After enjoying the cruise yesterday evening, I was very pleased to find the video on YouTube.

    I've taken the Batobus (water taxi) before but it was my first time to go on one of the bateaux mouches. Quite a few people waved from the banks of the Seine but no one blew any kisses.

  3. OH....I loved the video and song, Mary Kay. I didn't understand a single word.... guess it's true, about a picture's worth!
    Cannot wait to return to Paris in April and this post has made me even more eager to get there!!

  4. Nancy, My fingers are crossed that ticket prices move in the right direction for you! Did you do one of the bateaux mouches cruises during your last visit? They're great for taking photos. While I was happily snapping away, I met a Vietnamese man with a huge camera who said that it was his 3rd visit to Paris and his 3rd cruise.

  5. That is a great song and video. It is will be a great background music while touring the the wonderful places of Paris.


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