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Parc de Bagatelle: Award winning roses, peacocks and the former residence of Sir Richard Wallace

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Paris Rendez-Vous, the official boutique of the City of Paris: Souvenirs, information and exhibitions all in one place

What grows 50 meters underground in the Cave des Roches? Pied bleu, Shitake, Oyster, Horse and Old-Fashioned Button Mushrooms!

You've got to see it to believe it -- NEW, the 100% improvised musical in English

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Follow Your Nose to the Annual "Fête du Pain" (Bread Festival) in Paris

"Once Upon a Time the Orient Express" - A journey to the Golden Age of train travel

Parisians have a message for you - #WeAreFreeMerci. Respond #YouAreWelcomeParis for the chance to win a trip to Paris!

Remembering the victims of the Charity Bazaar fire - one of the most profound tragedies of Belle Époque Paris