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Sunday's picture and a song - "La Pluie" in Chartres

Before and after...feather pompoms on Louboutin shoes

The Montreux Palace - wish you were here...

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Sunday's picture and a song - Quelle Coquine!

Stop, Look, Listen, Think! - Please be careful when crossing the street in Paris.

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Discovering the secrets of Paris with a Paris Greeter

French people don't pack - the important lesson I learned from our friends from Ohio

Volunteering for the Salvation Army's "Soupe de Nuit" in Paris - Boston University Global Day of Service

Sunday's picture and a song - Catherine Deneuve, Café de Flore and Finding Noon

Just another day in PAR(ad)IS(e) - the life of an expat

Planning a trip to the Loire Valley and Workaway, a unique idea for those who would like to spend some time abroad

The Horses of the French Republican Guard and the answer to the riddle!