Sunday's picture and a song - Quelle Coquine!

What makes a Coquine?

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Ella Coquine's blog, Tales from the Chambre de Bonne, where she shares her adventures as a single gal in Paris, it's probably helpful to know that my French/English dictionary defines "coquine" as 1) mischievous and 2) naughty, risqué. Mlle Ella is all of that and more - she's a 30 year old Italian New Yorker in Paris who is starting over after a broken engagement. She's funny, irreverent, thoughtful, honest and extremely enterprising because she just opened her very own Etsy shop.

Featuring limited edition prints of Paris, Ella Coquine has come up with a clever idea that's sure to please any Francophile. Take a look - Quelle Coquine!

To start your Sunday with a sizzle, Mlle Ella suggests "Tu veux ou tu veux pas" by the ultimate French coquette, Brigitte Bardot.


  1. that's a fun one. I like her perfume collection too--Fracas est parfait pour une coquine. Et Mme Bardot--chanter est parler.

    1. Wow, Joseph! You know Fracas?! Very cool. This is my secret summer spritz. ; )

  2. Thanks Mary-Kay! What a lovely write up. I'm blushing right now.

    I'm so lucky to have found my niche in the blogosphere, thanks to you and a handful of the other fabulous ladies who make up our little blog circle. It's been an incredible year!

    Thank you again.

    And this video is still not as steamy as last week's! : ) "Par-ee Par-ee!"

  3. I love Ella! I love MK! xxx go ella go!


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