What's the meaning of "enterrement de vie de jeune fille"?

"Enterrement de vie de jeune fille" is a handy French phrase to know if your husband is ever accosted by an overly enthusiastic young woman in a short skirt with silver pompoms while walking down the street in Deauville. The cheerleader is not, as the word "enterrement" might lead you to believe, on her way to a burial. To the contrary, it's her bachelorette party. And for some reason, September seems to be a popular month for them because it wasn't long before we saw another hens party sashaying down the boardwalk last weekend.

Realizing that I don't know anything about this part of French culture, I did a quick google search and found fifteen suggestions for bachelorette parties at "My Little Paris". Ideas range from tame to titillating. Here are six of them:

  • Recording session at a studio where the future bride-to-be can fulfill her dream of being a famous singer
  • Wine tasting at O'Chateau
  • Sketching class that features a nude male model
  • Symbolic journey from Rue Mademoiselle to Rue Madame and advice from a life coach
  • Guided tour on electric bicycles
  • Strip tease while riding the metro

There are also companies like Céliba'Bye in Paris that plan bachelor and bachelorette parties. Simply select the region where you live and the theme for the event. For women, the choices range from "The Adventuress" to "Zen".

Even if you don't understand the words "enterrement de vie de jeune fille (EVJF)", the smiles on the faces of the brides-to-be in Deauville offer the best clue: they're savoring the last moments with their girlfriends before embarking on the next stage of their lives. I wish them well!


  1. That's four minutes I'll never get back. Wasted.

    I live in the heart of such parties, here in the Gold Coast. Seems appropriate that Viagra Triangle is just around the corner from the Bachelorette Central party venues, but man, I'm not showing any love for them at 4am when they're leaving the bars.

    And pray tell, Mary Kay, how was your party at that time?

    1. Sorry, I guess that the video should have come with a warning that it's pretty tame. I was watching it when Stephane came home from work so he joined me. After they stripped, he said, "That's it? Well, they could have at least worn sexier underwear!" I agree. Still, I liked watching the reactions (or non-reactions!) of the passengers on the metro.

      I know what you mean about bachelorette parties at 4 am - there have been a couple of times when I've had the misfortune of staying in the same hotel as one.

      As for me, I didn't have a bachelorette party. We kept things really simple.

  2. Not exactly "The Full Monty"....but it had my eyes glued to the video....and alas, very disappointing in the end. Great post.

  3. So great MK! I had to plan my best friend's bachelorette last month in NY and could never remember the phrase in French... it's so complicated to me and makes me laugh. we also didn't have any strippers...

  4. What made me laugh was the complete disinterest of the guy in the glasses on the right.....I was once on the metro when some strippers got onand stripped further than these guys. In such a confined space it was difficult to know where to look!

    Yes we have batchelorette or "hen" parties in the UK. They are notorious for being noisy, rowdy and bringing a bad reputation to foreign cities where the booze is cheap......good fun though! yes they often do have strippers.

    Love Denise

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