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It's Paris Fashion Week. Want to see Beyonce and the other "beautiful people"? Follow the horses...

On the outside looking in at Fashion Week and on the inside looking out at the Louvre

What's your favorite book about Paris?

Shopping at the Maille boutique in Paris: Is it caviar or mustard?

Lunch at The Little Paris Kitchen (La Petite Cuisine à Paris)

Sunday's pictures: Dogs just want to have fun - looking out at the world in Nîmes and in Paris.

Tatiana de Rosnay at the American Library in Paris - "The House I Loved"

Mom, stop tweeting at the table! And another funny cartoon from The New Yorker

Let's go for a peaceful stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens

Can I blame Hemingway? Watching a bullfight at the Roman amphitheater in Nimes