One of the most beautiful views of Paris from the Montparnasse Tower

You know how it is when friends visit from out of town -- you want to share your favorite spots and take them to all of the places that you enjoy. Well, that's a little bit difficult to do if you live in Paris and your friends come in August, right in the middle of the month when everything is closed. Fortunately, le Timbre, one of our preferred restaurants had a shorter than average summer vacation (maybe because the owner is English?) and was scheduled to re-open. So, we decided to go there. But it turns out that deciding to do something and actually being able to do it are two different things because the restaurant was already fully booked when we called to make a reservation. Things weren't looking good.

Feeling a bit desperate and wondering if we would end up dining at McDonald's (do they close in August, too?), we were relieved when the waitress at le Timbre recommended a restaurant in the 15th arrondissement. Even though it was a bit off of the beaten track, we had heard that there are some exciting new restaurants in that part of town and were eager to give it a try. We went, we ate and were underwhelmed with both the setting and the food.

After striking out with the meal, we started wondering how to salvage the evening. Fortunately, the solution was staring us right in the face. The Montparnasse Tower! Realizing that we would have to hurry if we wanted to watch the sunset, we bought tickets and were on our way to the top in no time. No lines, no hassle. Rushing past the photographers, who tried to take our picture as we exited the elevator, we dashed up the steps to the terrace and were rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of Paris!

What's your favorite view of Paris?

If you want to take photos of the Eiffel Tower and have a panoramic view of the entire city, this is a great spot. While there is a glass wall that surrounds the terrace, if you go when there aren't a lot of crowds you should be able to get a spot in front of one of the openings in the glass. That's what I did.

Montparnasse Tower
33, avenue du Maine
75015 Paris
Metro - Montparnasse-Bienvenue Station

Open every day of the year without exception.
Sun-Th 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM; Fri and Sat 9:30 AM to 11:00 PM (October 1 - March 31)
9:30 AM to 11:30 PM (April 1 - September 30)

If you would like to sip a drink and enjoy the view from the other side of town, try the Panoramic Bar at the Hotel Concorde La Fayette.

To see an amazing photo of the Eiffel Tower with a lightening bolt in the background, click here.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Glad the night was salvaged!

  2. My favorite views are more intimate. I love sitting at a table at the Alsatian brasserie on the Ile de la Cite, behind Notre Dame--watching people cross the bridge and noting the grand flying buttresses of the cathedral. Or midnight at the Cafe Buci on the Rue de Buci with a lover and a bottle of champangne--it completely puts me back 100 years. I also love the view up the river from the Pont des Arts, when no one else is around--very early in the morning. Or crossing under the Pont Alexandre on a boat, the glory of the gold decor. Oh, and sitting at a boat pond in the Luxembourg Gardens watching father and sons push boats across the water--timeless.

    But yes, the view from on high somewhere is great. I've never done the Montparnasse Tower but I love the view from the Arc du Triomphe and the top of the Eiffel Tower as well.

  3. kbh, Welcome to Paris. I'm glad that you arrived at a time when your neighborhood bakery is open! Although I do have to admit that I really enjoyed being in Paris in August because it was so laid back.

    Joseph, What poetic images - you're a real romantic, aren't you! One of these days I'll have to get up early and go to the Pont des Arts in the morning. I'm usually there in the evening. I also love the views at the boat pond. I haven't been to the one in the Luxembourg Gardens yet, only the one in the Tuileries. I hope to go to the L. Garden next week for a guided walk with one of the gardeners so I'll try to get some photos of the boat pond.

  4. Yes, a complete romantic.


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