Lunch at The Little Paris Kitchen (La Petite Cuisine à Paris)

The menu and our comments in the guestbook.

Have you heard about The Little Paris Kitchen? It's one of those "secret" places that everyone seems to know about, which means that the competition is fierce to obtain a coveted spot for lunch. After months of trying to get my foot through the door of this two-seat underground restaurant, I decided that I had to change tactics and respond as soon I received Rachel's newsletter listing the next available dates. When she replied that I could come for lunch on September 22, I felt as if I had finally won the lottery!

What did the winning ticket include? A 3-course set menu, a glass of wine and the opportunity to dine with Rachel, a self-described London girl who swapped her career in high-fashion for one in the kitchen after completing the pâtisserie course at the world's leading culinary arts school, Le Cordon Bleu. Much to my delight, the other two guests, Mingou and Claire, were French bloggers, so while Rachel worked wonders in her tiny kitchen, we sipped Briard cider and swapped stories like old friends.

Rachel in The Little Paris Kitchen

Rachel, who has just finished writing her third cookbook, charmed us by preparing the following "girlie" menu (yes, it does vary according to her guests!):

The first course lined up and ready to go - Chicken liver Pâté with gingerbread crackers in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.  
Quail stuffed with chestnuts and apple. Brussels sprouts coleslaw.
Rachel putting the finishing touches on the dessert: Candied clementine with meringue and dark chocolate sauce. 

If you would like to dine at The Little Paris Kitchen, subscribe to Rachel's monthly newsletter to learn about upcoming dates. Even though it may be even more difficult to get a spot because she will be traveling quite a bit in the near future, it's worth it to be persistent because the market fresh food that comes out of her minuscule kitchen is deliciously delightful! In exchange for dining in her cozy apartment, Rachel says that a 30€ cash donation per person is bienvenue (welcome).

For more information, please visit the website for The Little Paris Kitchen. If you would like to see what my French dining companions thought of the experience, keep an eye on their blogs:

La peau d'ourse

Click here, to see Rachel's photos of our lunch and the menu.


  1. This is my kind of girl! Swapped a career in high fashion to live a more simple life in France, hmmm, sounds familiar! Glad I'm not the only one!

    Thanks for posting this Mary Kay. I have been in Paris for two years and have never heard of what is the cutest idea I have heard in a long time! I LOVE it! The photos are great too...!

  2. So small is that kitchen--requires much organization.

    I like that there is a fourth plate as well--so Rachel eats also. Good.

    Glad you made in home from Geneva in time for your treat.

  3. Ella, Like you, Rachel has a lot of spunk and a great attitude about living in Paris. I always admire when people reshape their lives to follow their dreams. If you get the chance, try to have lunch at The Little Paris Kitchen because it's such a unique concept and so much fun. It would be a great place to take your mom the next time that she's in town!

    Joseph, The kitchen is teeny, tiny and Rachel is so organized - it makes me a bit ashamed of what comes out of my larger kitchen, which is not much at the moment! Rachel's quail was perfectly seasoned and roasted to perfection.

    Usually Rachel only has 2 people for lunch, but she overbooked last week so we were 3 guests plus Rachel. Amazingly enough, she does sit down and eat. Quite a feat because everything flowed so smoothly - both the conversation and the food.

    Me, too! :-)

  4. What a terrific lunch!
    I love the gingerbread Eiffel Tower standing to attention.

  5. It was such a good moment! Thank you for the post and pics!

  6. Carol, I loved the Eiffel Towers, too! It was a nice touch for a special Parisian lunch.

    Cleo, Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed our "girlie" lunch together and the opportunity to meet some French bloggers.

  7. The food was delicious, and it was nice sharing that moment with you.
    Thanks for the post!

  8. MM, you're right - the food was really delicious. I can't stop thinking about Rachel's quail, especially since it's past lunchtime and I still haven't had lunch yet.

    It was a real pleasure to meet you. I love the photos and drawings on your blog - very artistic!

  9. What is the address please? I know it is closed but my daughter is a fan of her tv show and plans an eating tour of the places she recommends and would like to see where her flat was. Any info would make her day! Thanks.

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