In memory of Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey who was killed at 8:46 a.m. on September 11, 2001

November 30, 1968 - September 11, 2001

We miss you so much
We promise to keep your spirit, smile and laugh alive.
We love you, more.
Riley and Case

we love our gorgeous goddess
with her dreamy red hair
sweetly together with cool boy
in a delirious symphony of love
their diamond moment by the sea 

Inspired by the wedding of Neilie and Mike
September 21, 1996
"Neilie Point". Blessed on August 10, 2002

Rather than share my memories of September 11, 2001, I would rather commemorate the life of Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey. Even though I didn't know Neilie, I sensed the void that her family must feel without her presence when I stood at Neilie Point with my daughter in July. A void that must be multiplied for each of the 2,297 victims who were killed on that awful day.

To remember Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey killed on September 11, 2001  8:46 AM   American Flight 11 - WTC

Neilie's Point, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


  1. For everyone, peace.

  2. But she was not from Falmouth??!! It's not Nellie point! Sorry, but I can see a local having the point named after them. Not a wash ashore. More rich people moving in and taking over. A local should have the honers at this very special place not a person who ran the road race. Sorry for the pain her family has suffered. It just blows me away.

    1. They weren't from there but it was a favorite spot of hers and her husband, overlooking the beach where he proposed to her and right across from the lighthouse where their engagement pictures were taken!

  3. I saw this memorial several years ago when visiting the Cape. I didn't know anyone who lost their life that day but this personal memorial really struck me. I re-posed the picture on facebook today (along with a name from the memorial at the WTC). I googled her name again and found this site. Was nice to see a recent post - even if it's just defending her right to be memorialized there! Beautiful place.


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