Out of Paris - Can you guess where I am?

I'm out of Paris for the weekend. Since the TGV arrived in ?--? just in time for lunch, I started with a glass of sangria, went to a bullfight, ate tapas for dinner and am going to watch the running of the bulls this afternoon. Here are some photos of things that I noticed around town. Any ideas on where I am? And it's not fair to look at my Twitter feed!


  1. Pamplona, Spain. But that's a far way to go. Love the photos.

  2. Nimes, it is! Anne, how did you know - was it the photo of the amphitheatre?

    Joseph, Glad to see that my deliberately misleading clues worked. Our son also thought that we were in Spain when he called to ask where we were.

  3. Is that 1900 Euro for the suit? I'd almost be tempted. I've always love the suits of light. I forget what they are properly called. I assume the French is different from the Spanish word. Do you know the terms?

  4. Yes, definitely the amphitheater. Loved Nimes even though we weren't there for the running of the bulls.

  5. Joseph, I just enlarged the photo and it looks as if it says "Small 1900". Perhaps it's the price, but it seems expensive. The suits of light are called the same thing, "costume de lumière" in French. I'm not sure about the Spanish term. One of the downsides of the suits is that I kept thinking about how hard it would be to remove blood stains from them. Do you suppose that the dry clean them after each fight? It's just one of the many thoughts that was going through my head while I was watching the bullfight.

    Anne, I just got home after a full day exploring Nimes and feel the same way about it. I loved all of the small streets and the Mediterranean feel. The festival last weekend turned out to be an unexpected bonus. It seems as if there's another festival on Pentecost weekend that is even larger.


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