Let's go for a peaceful stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens

After yesterday's post about the bullfight, I thought that a peaceful stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens would be a pleasant change of pace.

No words - just photos of a perfect afternoon in September.

Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Garden)
Entrances at Place Edmond Rostand, Place André Honnorat, Rue Guynemer, Rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris
Metro: Odeon

If you're in Paris on October 5, 2011, there is a free tour in French of the Luxembourg Gardens with one of the gardeners. The meeting point is at 9:30 a.m. in the part of the garden that is nearest to the Place André Honnorat in front of the gates of the Observatory.


  1. Particularly the first one, your photos today are superb! And it looks like only men play chess. Why is that?

    And are there no longer small boat vendors in the Park?

  2. Thanks, Joseph. Walking through the Luxembourg Garden was supposed to be my exercise the day after my big feeding frenzy last week. It turns out that I didn't walk very far or very fast because I kept seeing things that I wanted to photograph. The light was perfect and the subjects were perfect, so all that I had to do was frame the picture and push the button.

    There were only a couple of women playing chess but since they were in the shade I didn't take their photos.

    Both the boat vendors and the rental boats seem to be finished for the year. Knowing that you like them, I looked for the at the Tuileries Garden and the Luxembourg Garden without any success.

  3. woman in blue denim on far right is playing..
    watch Joueuse for woman chess player/house cleaner

  4. I knew that I had seen a couple of women playing chess. Thanks for spotting one of them.

    And thanks for the movie recommendation. It looks like a good one that I haven't seen yet. Plus, I almost always like movies with Kevin Kline in them.



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