Les Délices d’Orient - Lebanese grocery store and delicatessan

Since I'm in Geneva this week and not exploring Paris, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the posts that were bumped to the back of the line when something else caught my eye. The reports about the furrier, the Sorbonne, the bookbinder and the team that organizes the accessories for the shows at the Comédie-Française are still going to have to wait because I didn't bring my notebooks with me, but fortunately the post that I have in store for you today doesn't require any notes because it's supposed to be a feast for the eyes.

With an abundance of ethnic food stores and restaurants, Paris is a great destination for anyone who likes (loves!) food. Fortunately, one of the best Lebanese grocery stores in the city is within walking distance of my apartment. Whether I want some walnuts and dates or a complete Lebanese meal, it's the place I go for affordable and delicious Middle Eastern food. I must have been craving sweets on the day that I took these photos because I have more pictures of desserts than of stuffed grape leaves, hummus, baba ghanoush and fattoush.

Les Délices d’Orient
52, avenue Emile Zola
75015 Paris

Métro : Charles Michels

Special Easter breads.

Lebanese Thyme


  1. Yes, like you, my eye tends toward the things I like rather than the things a 'journalist' would shoot--but that's why we're blogging and not writing for the NYTimes or Le Figaro. Right?

  2. Exactly! I've often thought that it must be hard to be assigned a story rather than having the freedom to write about whatever suits my mood on a particular day.

    And as for you, you don't have time to write for the NYT because you're going to be busy writing your memoirs!


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