A magical day cycling along the Marne River with French Mystique Tours

Bruce, Jane and Phread standing in front of a Gustave Eiffel creation. Do you see it? 

Even though I'm having a wonderful time exploring the city of Paris, I jumped at the opportunity to go bike riding along the Marne River with Bruce McAleer, the owner of French Mystique Tours, Jane and Phread on Thursday. Since we had a full day of cycling ahead of us, Bruce suggested an early morning rendezvous at the bike store where he assisted us in selecting the right rental bikes and ensured that we felt comfortable on them.

Navigating our bikes through the city streets to the outbound RER line, we left Paris behind and headed towards the charming village of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. After making a quick stop at a bakery that is known for its baguettes, we opted to go to another one to pick up some sandwiches and sweets. With our backpacks full of delicious food, we set off and were soon cycling along the Marne River. The blue water was like a balm for sore eyes. Imagine swans, riverboats and weeping willows lining the banks of the river and you'll understand why it was hard for me to keep my eyes on the bicycle path! But since Bruce sets a fast pace and the rest of the group was looking forward to some cardiovascular exercise, I tried not to lag too far behind.

If you lead an active lifestyle and want to have a good workout before your next calorie laden meal in Paris, Bruce offers approximately 11 different tours, including ones to the historic town of Fontainebleau, where you will see one of the one of the largest French royal châteaux, and another one through the region that is famous for Brie cheese. While Bruce is well-versed in French history and is an accomplished storyteller, he explained that his aim is to introduce his guests to the picturesque countryside that is rarely seen by tourists. Looking for something out of the ordinary to do during your trip to Paris? Book a tour with Bruce!

Since Bruce spends a great deal of time researching the routes for his tours and finding sights that will be of interest to his guests, I'm not going to share the entire itinerary. I will, however, post a few photos that I hope will whet your appetite.

Thanks for a wonderful ride, Bruce. Jane and Phread, it was a pleasure spending time with you face-to-face outside the virtual environment of TA's Paris forum.

Click here to visit the website for French Mystique Tours or send an email to Bruce at contact@frenchmystiquetours.com

"Look Ma, no hands!" Biking and taking pictures along the Marne River with Bruce, Phread and Jane.
The ruins of the abbey at Saint-Maur-des-Fosses
Ahhh...what a pastoral view. Different from the Eiffel Tower but absolutely beautiful, nonetheless.
The former Menier chocolate factory in Noisiel that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
 and the headquarters of Nestle France.
The dynamic duo, Phread and Jane, taking the lead.


  1. Dream activity. Definitely on my next trip to Paris. I've been dreaming about it since you posted a link yesterday, or the day before. I sent it to my travel friends as well. I'm hooked.

    But i don't see my Eiffel's structure. I'll look again.

  2. Joseph, Your sentiments are the same as Jane's - she kept saying "You're looking at a woman who is living her dream!" Good spotting on the Eiffel structure - you're right, it's the bridge.

  3. Mary Kay, I had a wonderful time riding with you and Phread and Jane and couldn't have asked for a lovelier group of ladies to ride with. I'm riding with Phread and Jane to Chartres on Friday (I know you can't make it) and next week I think they will also join me on a beautiful ride through the Brie region where we'll see charming and completely unknown centuries old villages, an intact medieval fortress and the lovely château of Vaux-le-Vicomte, which served as the model for Versailles. I've got more rides to do with you anytime and for next season I bet I'll have several more rides to offer. Hope you'll be ready to join me for some more rides soon.

    Joseph - I'd love to take you for a ride and show you a side of France not seen by tourists so I hope you contact me on your next trip and I'll be ready for you. Hope your friends would like to come on a ride too so thanks for referring them to me. Hope to meet you (and ride with you) someday.

  4. And just to make it easier for anyone reading this I can be contacted through my business website at www.frenchmystiquetours.com. My business e-mail address is contact@frenchmystiquetours.com.

  5. Bruce, The ride to Chartres sounds wonderful, as does the one to Brie. The description of that ride really captured my interest because it's one of my favorite cheeses and I would love to discover that part of France. I hope that I'll have the opportunity to do another ride with you soon.

    I included a direct link for French Mystique Tours at the bottom of the post as well as your business email address.

    Enjoy your ride to Chartres with Phread and Jane. What a beautiful destination!

  6. Let me know when you're back and available Mary Kay. Even if you can't make the next ride with Jane, and hopefully Phread, I can do it another time with you. It is truly a lovely ride.


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