Time to go window shopping. The Chanel-inspired window displays at Printemps are full of Christmas wonders!

It's 12:58 in New York, 5:59 in London and 10:01 in Moscow, which means that it's time to go window shopping in Paris! With all of the delectable delights in the Chanel-inspired windows at Printemps, it's easy to understand why the French say that they're going to do a bit of lèche-vitrine, or "window licking". If you're ready to move on to the buying stage after seeing all of these goodies, here are a few useful French phrases to know:

How much does this cost? --  C'est combien s'il vous plaît?
I would like... (a pair of those sexy red boots!) -- Je voudrais... (une paire de ces bottes rouges sexy!).
Do you have...? -- Est-ce que vous avez...?
Do you take credit cards? -- Est-ce que vous acceptez les cartes de credits?
Expensive -- cher
Inexpensive -- pas cher

Have fun, enjoy the displays and click on any of the photos that you would like to enlarge.

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  1. So the windows take you on a journey to several countries: Finland (Lapland), The UK, The US, China or somewhere in Asia, Norway (with the white lion's head?), Russia and France for departure? Yes? What about the first one?

    They're really well done that's for sure.

  2. Cruises and travel seem to be the overall theme. The pic with the chandelier and lion is "Cruise - Venice", the red one is "Paris-Shanghai", the NYC one is "Cruise - New York". I didn't post photos of all of the windows but there were also ones with mannequins on a cruise ship and on a beach. And there was another animated one with little puppets in the city.

    All of the above was a long winded way of saying that I don't know the name of the collection shown in the first photo. The only thing that I could make out from my pictures is that it features items from the 2008 collection.

    It looks as if I'll have to go back to Printemps to do some more window shopping so that I can do a better job of answering your question.

  3. Chanel-lo! i love these windows...oh Karl, you've done it again.

    Thanks for keeping me in the Paris loop MK! Can't wait to get back! : )

  4. Ella C, The guy at Kitty's wedding was right - you're a "French girl"... at heart!


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