Thanksgiving: The American grocery store in Paris, not the holiday!

It seems hard to believe, but a year ago at this time I was still living in Switzerland and trying to imagine what my new life would be like in Paris. Whenever Linda, an American friend who used to live here, and I got together, she would invariably tell me to go to Thanksgiving. As I had always thought of Thanksgiving as a holiday and not as a small grocery store that is stocked full of American treasures, her recommendation always confused me. It turns out that Thanksgiving is THE place to go if you're ever craving Kraft's Mac and Cheese, Stove Top stuffing or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Which, let's be honest, are the kind of things that Americans inexplicably start craving as soon as we leave the country. Sure, the prices are higher than what you would pay at your local grocery store in the United States, but where else can you get these kind of delicacies in Paris? And best of all, Thanksgiving is open from Tuesday-Saturday and not just the fourth Thursday of November.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please eat a bit of turkey, cranberry relish and sweet potato casserole for me!

Thanksgiving (the store in Paris and not the holiday!)
20, rue Saint Paul
75004 Paris


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! It's about being with friends and family...of course good food helps and lots of it! Enjoy your daughter's visit.
    Just for future reference, does this shop carry Juicy Fruit? I'm addicted and can leave it at home when I pack for my trip!!

  2. Nice. I'm not familiar with this, although I feel I should be, it's an area I know well. Maybe I just never paid attention.

    We are preparing a feast here. Well, I'm not. I'm watching football with the men. I'm most excited about the peach cobbler to come. Yum. Only pumpkin pies for some reason. Oh well.

  3. Most supermarkets have a 'rayon anglais' round here due to the relatively high number of expats in the area. The goods are fiendishly dear but there are times when the mother ship is calling you home through your stomach and you need to eat some nostalgia! I succumb to proper teabags, peanut butter and picalilli most often!

  4. Nancy, Thanks - we had a great day with our daughter on Thursday and had some really good food, too! I'm not sure if the Thanksgiving store carries Juicy Fruit. I'll be sure to take a look the next time that I'm there and let you know.

    Joseph, Thanksgiving is down a little side street - one that I had never walked down before - so that may be why you're not familiar with it. Mmm, peach cobbler. I haven't had that in years.

    Steph, Fortunately, the "mother ship" doesn't call me home that often, although it's reassuring that our grocery store has Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Thank goodness for google because "picalilli" was new to me. I'm going to have to pay more attention to the "rayon anglais" in the future.

  5. We saw a shop yesterday that had many American foods, I smiled at the Duncan Hines Brownie mix, it was 7.5 euros. Hmmm, four sons over twenty-five years, how much would I have spent? Enjoy!

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