Sunday's pictures - Before and after it started to rain on a Saturday night in Paris

Before. The terrace of Georges Restaurant atop the Centre Pompidou. 


  1. Does anyone else see a face in the circular reflection on the dashboard of the moped? It's the first thing I saw and thought maybe you had cleverly had Stephane's image reflected in the shot.

  2. Joseph, I hadn't noticed it before but it really does look like someone's face in the speedometer. Your comment made Stephane and me laugh because the reality is that I go to great lengths to keep him out of the photos, but he always seems to jump in the picture right when I'm ready to press the button on the camera Then I tell him to move out of the way and everyone wonders why I'm being so mean to him. Poor guy! So, no - it's not his image.

  3. I'm glad you see it too.

    I used to walk into group photos at tourist sites just for the fun of it, or sometimes into stranger's photos and pose as if I'm really a part of the picture. Usually it's a man taking a picture of his wife or mother, and I would stand just slightly behind her--the men always thought it was funny. I haven't done that in a while.

  4. So you're the man who is in all of the photos that we took in Chicago. We've been trying to figure it out for years!

    I'm sure that I appear in quite a few pics of Paris. Walking down the street in front of a famous monument is like walking the red carpet. There are always so many people taking pictures that it's not possible to stop for all of them because I would never be able to get anywhere. I may have to start striking different poses and having some fun with it. Thanks for the tip!


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