Delectable dreams and chocolate dresses! Fashion show at le Salon du Chocolat 2011

Just what every woman needs - a chocolate-covered cherry chapeau (hat)!

Chocolate = yummy. 
Fashion show in Paris = amazing. 
Chocolate + fashion show in Paris = delectable dreams come true!

Imagine two artists, a fashion designer and a chocolatier, working their magic together and you've got a necklace made out of colorful macarons, a chocolate skirt that also serves as a birdcage for a pair of doves and a halter top made out of strategically placed bonbons. While watching the lithe models and French celebrities move to the music on the runway, the crowd gasped with amazement and broke into spontaneous applause for those creations that were even more daring than the rest. 

Ever since Parisian fashion designer Aurelie Cherell told me about the chocolate dress that she had designed for one of the annual fashion shows at le Salon du Chocolat, I've been waiting for the chance to see these enticing creations for myself. In my excitement, I took over 300 photos, so I'm going to post far more pictures than usual today. Scroll through, click on the ones that you would like to enlarge and enjoy. You may want to have some chocolate handy! 

The fashion show is held every day at 5:00 p.m. during le Salon du Chocolat. Be sure to get there early to get a good seat. October 20 -24, 2011 at the Porte de Versailles. Admission is Euros 12.50 for adults and 6 for children.  

Oh, la, la...We're in Paris, after all! The show took place against a baroque-burlesque backdrop.

Many of the dresses were even more stunning from behind, like this one that was decorated with a coffee pot, cup and saucer, spoons and some scrumptious macarons. All edible - of course!

The 100% chocolate creation on the left was a tempting combination of feathers, bonbons and pralines. Not to be worn while walking down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées on a hot summer day unless you want to leave a trail of melted chocolate behind you!

If you can, zoom in to see the live white doves in the cage-like skirt worn by Anca Radici. They're sitting still in this photo, but they were flapping around and causing quite a stir when she first made her appearance.

These are THE shoes to wear in Paris! Craving a macaron on the metro? No, problem. Just pop one off of your shoe and into your mouth. No need to go to Laduree.

Macarons aren't your thing? Then what about these chocolate flowers adorned with cups and saucers?

In case you're not already craving chocolate, here's the grand finale. 

The end. Yes, that's a large chocolate bottom!

Want to see more? Click HERE to see what happens when one of these chocolate creations melt.


  1. That large chocolate bottom is exactly what mine looks like after consuming chocolate. They do this every year? Next time, I'm coming to Paris later in the fall...

  2. Polloplayer, After all of the chocolate that I've eaten the past two days, I'm going to have to avoid looking at my bottom and my stomach for awhile...

    The Salon is held every October. I think that this is the 18th year. The next couple of posts are going to be dedicated to it - there's way too much to cram into one post. So you'll be able to see if it's something that you want to go to. As for me, I'm already looking forward to the one in 2012.

    Did you find a place with good steak frites while you were in Paris?

  3. those are some great shots. the chocolate bottom is pretty funny.

  4. oh and I love the macaron shoes--very clever accessories.


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