Newsflash - It's a picture perfect day in Paris!

Just in case you woke up this morning wondering what the Eiffel Tower looks like today, here's a picture that I took from my little Parisian balcony a couple of minutes ago. The sky is blue, the leaves on the plane trees are still green and it's time for me to get going to the Le Salon du Chocolat, the largest event dedicated to C*H*O*C*O*L*A*T*E!

If you need a little bit of Paris in your life, put your feet up and listen to these different versions of "La Vie en Rose". I couldn't decide which one I like the most. Which one is your favorite?

Caution: Listening to three different versions of  "La Vie en Rose" in rapid succession may cause a sudden desire to dance and twirl around the room. Other side effects may include an uncontrollable urge to go to Paris and/or the need to take someone (hopefully your significant other) in your arms while you lovingly sing the words in their ear.

Have a wonderful day...wherever you are!

Modern version by Pomplamoose

English version by Louis Armstrong

Original version by Edith Piaf, "The Little Sparrow"


Joseph the Butler recommends... the version by Grace Jones 


  1. OK, now you've made me angry. This post is just not fair. First of all, you're in Paris and I'm not and second, you have the most enviable view of the ET from your flat and lastly the weather is perfect there while raining here in the Sunshine State. But seriously, I'm going to check airfares as soon as I sign off.....nancyb

  2. Nancy, Sorry - I didn't want to make you angry. If it's any consolation, there are some clouds in the sky now (you know how the weather changes every 15 minutes here!) and the view of the ET isn't from my flat (to see it and I had to go out on the balcony and lean around my neighbor's bush (grrrr) to take the photo. But seriously, I'm not complaining... Book that ticket, let me know when you'll arrive and I'll start chilling a bottle of wine.

    And I'm sure that you'll be praising Florida while I'm cursing Paris (well, the weather) this winter.

  3. This one:

    Now that's dancing.

    (I wish I knew how to embed it, or rename the link at least.)

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, Joseph. I hadn't heard the GJ version before and am listening to it for the 3rd time as I try to type this. I love her shawl. I included the YouTube video in the body of the post.

    Here are instructions to make clickable links.

  5. Wonderful!

    Loved all of these choices, but for me, it's the original - hands down.

    I'd have given an arm or a leg to have heard the Little Sparrow sing this live.

    Great blog post, MK!

    Greetings from your friends in Boston.

  6. oh Mary Kay, you teach me so much! Thanks.

  7. Friends in Boston, I get shivers just listening to Edith Piaf's recordings - seeing her live would have been amazing. Whenever I hear her sing "Non, je ne regrette rien" I'm reminded that I'll never be able to pronounce r's like a French person.

    Joseph, It goes both ways - I'm continuously learning things from you.

  8. wow...the GJ verson is amazing, but give me the original for sentimental reasons.
    Have to wait to book, but you will be the second to know, MK. Have you located Westmalle Dubel in Paris? If not, wine suits me just as well.


  9. Pomplamoose! At least I know when I finally get to fruits on my Byki language tutor, I've got that one down! (I'm still trying to learn how to say "Où se trouve.." correctly, I'm going to have to ask Sara about it...)

  10. Nancy, If a bottle (or two) of Westmalle Dubel is what it takes to get you to Paris, I'm sure that I can find some!

    Bridget, You're amazing - I can't believe that you're learning French on top of everything else that you do! You probably already know this but pomplamoose" is the English-spelling approximation of the French pronunciation of "pamplemousse" (grapefruit) . However you say it or write it - it's a fun word. I may have to use it this morning. Où se trouve le pamplemousse?


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