Sunday's Picture and a Song - It's all about Roger Federer!

Allez Roger! Good luck for the French Open Men's Final
 at Roland Garros today.

Roger Federer at Roland Garros 2011.


  1. alas, a sad day at Roland Garros. The match was great drama. Just a great morning of tennis. If Nadal weren't so nice and good looking, it would be easier to be really upset with Roger's loss, but Nadal is too good, kind and sporting.

  2. oh, and that song. I hope i can get it out of my head.

  3. Yes, it was a sad day for the Swiss...and for Roger. He got off to such a great start in the first set and then fizzled. I agree that Nadal is a nice guy and that he made some amazing shots, so I'm not too upset. I only wish that I would have had the opportunity to see Nadal at Roland Garros when I was there. Maybe next year.

    Sorry about the song! It should have come with a warning. Federer, betterer, and sweaterer are still going around in my mind.

  4. yes, sweaterer really did it for me.


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