Dear Sixteen Year Old Me...I'm thankful to be in Paris

Soaking up the sun at Café le Nemours at Place Colette

Today's post was supposed to be a lighthearted ode to Paris, something along the lines of how I did a happy dance when I arrived at the Gare de Lyon yesterday evening because it felt so good to be home.  But after reading another blog with a link to a YouTube video called, "Dear Sixteen Year Old Me", I knew that the topic had to change...

For whenever I walk along the Seine or stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens, I always have to slather on sunscreen and wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants.  Wouldn't I rather be wearing sleeveless tops and summer dresses?  Sure I would, but there are lots of things that I don't do anymore after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma last year.  Fortunately, my suspicious mole was removed at a very early stage, but the YouTube video reminded me that some people aren't so lucky.  

Tuesday was the first day of summer.  Please remind your family and friends to take care of their skin. It's one of the things that I wish that I would have told my sixteen year old self.

If you would like to learn more about skin cancer, please watch this YouTube video.


  1. Hey Mary Kay- Once again THe Universe surprises me. My daughter, who turned 16 on Friday, just asked me what I would tell myself at 16. Moments later I was clicking around on your blog (which I love) and here was this video. My daughter is a blonde haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned lifeguard. It was perfect. She watched it and here on my bed with me and was shocked when I told her I hadn't googled it-that it just appeared on my screen. Thank you!
    BTW- I'll be joining you in paris next month. Living in the 8th, blogging at I hope we can meet.

  2. Kate, That's quite a coincidence! I wrote this post with people like your daughter in mind. Not to scare anyone but just to make them more aware.

    Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. Your post about the things that you want to do before moving to Paris reminded me of what I enjoyed during our recent trip to the States - driving, eating Mexican food, etc. And if you don't know it already, there are lots of good bookstores here with interesting author events.

    I look forward to meeting you once you're in Paris! In the meantime, happy blogging and please ask your daughter to wear sunscreen while she's at the pool! ;-)


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