That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Empire Falls and Bridge of Sighs was at the Village Voice Bookstore last night to promote the release of the French translation of his most recent book, That Old Cape Magic.  Russo's reading from the chapter, Slippery Slope, and the thoughtful questions posed by the audience made me want to rush home and start reading.  I'm going to restrain myself, however, so that I can relish it at a slower pace when I'm visiting Sara, my daughter, at Cape Cod this summer.  Thanks to Russo's enlightening comments about the writing process, I've been forewarned that the Cape doesn't feature largely in the novel, rather it only serves as metaphor for a place that you would yearn for if you were the type of person who believed that happiness is a place.

As I only managed to take pictures of Russo when he had his eyes closed, I decided against posting them here.  Instead, here's a YouTube clip of an interview that he did with PBS.  If you're not familiar with his work, please watch it.  Russo makes some provocative points and raises some interesting questions about familial relationships, our fear of becoming like our parents, and our search for eternal happiness.  Sounds like a great read!

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  1. A good day to post about the Cape - we had our first summery day today and its gorgeous!!

  2. Sara,

    I'm glad that the Cape is finally showing you a bit of its "magic"!


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