Sunday's Picture and a Song - Two Glasses of Wine and Emmanuel Moire

Cheers -- to one month of blogging about Paris.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love how the building appears upside-down in the wine glasses! Congrats on your one month blogging!

  2. Thanks, Sara! The picture was taken at the Place Colette, right next to the Comedie Francaise. Five minutes before taking the picture, there was a band of musicians playing classical music on the square and lots of people watching them, but they all dispersed when it started to rain. In one way I think that it was good not to have too many people in the picture, but on the other hand I would have like to have seen some upside down people in the wine glasses. I guess I'll just have to repeat the shot another day. ;-)

  3. Sara,

    And thanks for helping me with the selection of today's song!


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