Parisian for a Day

The old auction house at Park George Brassens - 15th Arrondissement

My daughter and I had the opportunity to visit some spots that are well off of the beaten track while strolling with Laurence, our charming and knowledgeable Paris Greeter. Greeters are volunteers who offer to share their favorite places in the city with a small group of no more than six people for a period of two to three hours. It’s like having a friend in Paris who can tell you all about the French health care system, where to find the best baguettes, and if you can bargain with the shoe merchants at the market.

Park Brassens.  The park was built on the site of the former Vaugigard slaughterhouse and horse market.  A market for antique and used books is held every weekend in the covered horse market. 

Arranging a tour should be done at least two weeks in advance. After you complete the online form, Paris Greeters email a proposal for a tour that you can either accept or decline. Since I accepted their offer, I’m not quite sure what happens if you decline. I think that they may offer you another tour more suited to the interests of your group.

Paris Greeter walks are free, but they do ask for an online donation to help offset their administrative costs. I read a few posts from concerned tourists on the Paris Forum at TripAdvisor who thought that the program might be a scam. It’s not. I had a very good experience with Laurence and will recommend Paris Greeters to any of our visitors who want to have a truly memorable experience in Paris.

While most walking tours in Paris are not designed for people with limited mobility or who are in a wheelchair, specially trained Paris Greeters will adapt the stroll to a person’s needs.

I don't remember the name of these incredible apple creations from the famous Poilâne bakery, but they were the perfect afternoon treat.

Looking for a greeter near you?  This global network has volunteers offering to share their city with you in the USA (New York, Chicago, and Houston), France (Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille Provence, Pas de Calais), Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne), Canada (Toronto), Holland (The Hague), China (Shen Zin) Argentina (Buenos Aries) and the UK (Thanet).

A bouquet of radishes at the Convention St. Market


  1. Hi there Swiss-American blogger,
    Congratulations to your brand-new blog! Nicely made, interesting topics and tempting pictures. I'd love to come for a quick visit...
    Love, Heidi

  2. Heidi,

    Then come for a visit and we'll go out and about in Paris together! You know that our guest room is always ready and waiting for you.

    Thanks for commenting on the blog. It was so exciting to see that there was a comment from you this morning.

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