The Jardin du Palais Royal - An Update on the Roses

After seeing "A Streetcar Named Desire" at the Comedie-Française this afternoon, I quickly passed by the Jardin du Palais Royal to check on the progress of the roses.  They should be in full bloom by the end of this week.

While there, I stopped to watch a photo shoot of a model in the arcades and started talking with a Parisian man who declared that the Jardin du Palais Royal is one of his favorite spots in Paris.  It's really worth a visit if you're near the Comedie-Française.


  1. Muy hermosa la rosa blanca, simbolo de paz.



  2. Celosias,

    "Muchas gracias" for your comment about the white rose being a symbol of peace. I didn't think about it when I took the picture, but that is how I will always think of it in the future.

    Mary Kay

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