Fashion Show at Galeries Lafayette

Word association game - ask five different people which words come to mind when they hear the word, "Paris", and you'll probably get five different answers ranging from art and culture to baguettes and bistros.

For those of you who associate Paris with fashion, the fashion show every Friday afternoon at Galeries Lafayette is a fun and free way to discover the latest fashion trends.

The show that we saw was divided into six themes, with whimsical names such as Flower Favour and Beyond Lines, and featured items from approximately 23 designers including Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Dolce Gabanna, Manoush, Avant Première, Cerruti, and Sandro.

Helpful hints:  Free Fashion Shows are held most Fridays throughout the year (excluding some Fridays in July and every Friday in August) at 3:00 p.m. at Galeries Lafayette, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.  Call + 33 (0) or send an email to, although calling does seem to work better than sending an email.  Galeries Lafayette requires an email address or a telephone number to complete the booking.  Click HERE to see the latest information about the Fashion Show at Galeries Lafayette's website. 

If you're like me and need time to navigate such a large store, arrive about 15-30 minutes early.  In the main building, take the escalator Mogador to the Opera Salon on the 7th floor.  Don't worry if you're not the first in line because the seating is rather random and the people who arrived last actually ended up with good seats.  Also, don't worry if you're seated against the wall because the models come down the runway and go down the back aisle.     

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