Who wants to be a model? World's Largest Fashion Show at Galeries Lafayette!

The World's Largest Fashion Show at Galeries Lafayette in Paris is back! Rather than watch from the sidelines like I did last year, you can join the fun and strut your stuff on the catwalk. Here's how it works:

  • Select a look from one of the four categories: Urban Morning, Tea Party, Cocktail Time, Night Owls.
  • Post your best photo online prior to midnight on August 26. Choose carefully because a professional jury will pre-select models from the website to participate in the final selection on September 10 and 11. From this group, 400 lucky people will walk down the red carpet on September 18, 2012.
  • Professional hairdressers, makeup artists and coaches will ensure that you look spectacular before you experience the thrill a lifetime. No problem if your friends and family aren't in Paris to cheer for you because the event will be broadcast live on the internet.
  • Please don't think that you're too short, fat, old or young to participate - you're not. I saw women and men of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages last year.
  • If you're in Paris and need someone to take your photo, let me know. Even though I'm not brave enough to walk down the red carpet in front of such a huge crowd, I would love to write a post about YOU!

While I had a lot of fun with the wild and crazy strangers I met during the show last year, I truly believe...

that it would be a lot more exciting to be one of the models on the red carpet!

Family event. A father, mother, and child participating in the World's Largest Fashion Show in 2011.


  1. Sounds exciting! I must say, though, it's much more difficult to get in this year. Last year they had a lot more than 400 models, right? Also, the participants who were selected from the online pool were guaranteed to walk down the red carpet, without having to audition again in Paris.

    I actually submitted a photo last year and was accepted but wasn't able to go. Wish I could have, I don't think I'd make the cut this time around! :/

    1. You submitted a photo last year and didn't tell me? I would have voted for you!!! I'm sure that you would make the cut this year - you're gorgeous!

      GL said that the cutoff was 400 models last year but I'm not sure what the actual number was. I would imagine that they'll end up accepting more than 400 this year because some people won't be able to make it on Sept. 18. Paris is the only city in France where GL is doing a preselection before the show.

      If you decide to enter, please let me know! Which "look" would you choose? I would do either Urban Morning or Cocktail Time.

    2. Thanks! I didn't tell anyone because I was just messing around. I knew I couldn't go to Paris for the second time in 3 months. Would've love to, though!

      You should totally submit a look! I would do Tea Party, just because I have a feather fascinator that doesn't get much everyday use. :)

    3. You have a feather fascinator? Then I've got another event for you in France - the Prix de Diane horse race on June 17. Interestingly enough, Bridget sent me a link for an article that said that the royals (and others) weren't allowed to wear fascinators at Ascot this year. It's a shame because Kate looks beautiful in them.

      I'm fairly sure that I already mentioned it to you on "Any Port" but isn't there some sort of jazz festival in NYC in Sept (?) when people wear vintage clothes, hats, fascinators, etc? One of the main reasons that my daughter is going this year is because it gives her an opportunity to wear a hat. She loves them!

    4. The Prix de Diane would be a blast- not that I need another excuse to visit France. :) Seems so odd to ban fascinators at Ascot. Half the fun is checking out the headwear!

      That jazz festival sounds right up my alley, I'm going to look into it!

  2. How fun!!! MK, are you going to do it? Work it!! I can just hear Rupaul's "Supermodel" playing! I may do it! Why not? : )

    I have only question...what the heck does Urban Morning mean? : )

    1. You should do it, Ella! With your amazing hair, fashion sense and ability to "work it", you would be a shoo-in!!!

      As for Urban Morning, I'm not exactly sure what it means! If you go to the GL website (link above), you'll see pictures of the different looks by clicking on the "Participez" link.

      Are you working Fashion Week this year? Just wondering because I think that the World's Largest Fashion Show is the same week.

  3. I do things in Paris I would NEVER do at home and would LOVE to do this, not least for the hair and make up. but I am in Paris the weekend of the 8th September.

    I might just submit a picture anyway just for the fun. In case they want any 60 plus, people! LOL! Mary Kay you would be wonderful in this. Go for it!

    NYCgirl, I am not surprised you were selected, you would make a wonderful model...and your hair would be perfect!

    Love Denise

    1. Thanks!

      You should do it! You're right, being on vacation gives you free license to do anything (within reason). ;) Maybe your new mod dress would fit one of the "looks."

      Getting off topic, I posted a few pics of my Boston weekend online. Since you're going soon, I thought you'd be interested. More pics on the way.


    2. Denise, I have to say that you're a huge inspiration for me. I love your spirit, your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and your joie de vivre! I really hope that you'll submit a photo. I know that they will want you! You're a beautiful woman and just think of how much fun the stylists will have with your red hair.

      nycgirl, Thanks for including the link for the photos of your trip to Boston. The whales are amazing. I'm making the link a clickable one so that it's easier for people to visit "Any Port"

      Please click here to see nycgirl's pictures from Boston.

  4. oh Mary Kay, you do tempt me.

    I would certainly enter the Night Owl look--not that I'm a night owl, but I like dressing up for late night, somewhat a louche, deshabille look. Really.

    I don't know, if I come over to do it, then you certainly would have to do it with me.

    1. Sounds like you're proposing a pact! Do it!

    2. Joseph, I'm so happy that you're tempted! :) First step: submit a photo of you in your louche/deshabille look. I only wish that I was in Chicago for the photo shoot! Next step: you come to Paris and walk down the red carpet while I snap photos of you, Denise, Mlle Ella and nycgirl! Sounds like the perfect plan! Plus, this would give me the chance to meet you face-to-face before Peter and Mike - unless they manage to arrange a business trip to Chicago before September!

      nycgirl, See above. The pact is that I'll take photos!


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