Introducing our painted lady

Where's the Swiss flag? We fly it whenever we're in the house on August 1, the Swiss National Day.

With heavy hearts, Stephane and I waved goodbye to our painted lady in Annapolis earlier this morning. As she has already appeared on several websites, I thought that I may as well post a couple of photos of her here. She's a colorful character, inside and out, and very different from our apartment in Paris.

After spending a week with the French/Belgian family, our painted lady will be hanging out with a group of actors from New York for most of the summer. It would have been fun to host one of the many actors who are currently in town filming Better Living Through Chemistry. Rumor has it that Sam Rockwell was looking for a place to stay while he's in Annapolis.

Sam Rockwell on the set of Better Living Through Chemistry in Annapolis

In between running a couple of errands, Stephane and I passed by Galway Bay to see if we could catch a glimpse of Dame Judi Dench, who was supposed to have been in the movie. As I snapped some photos of the film equipment outside our favorite Irish pub, a crew member told me that she withdrew from the project and has been replaced by Jane Fonda.

I can't wait to see how our town looks on the big screen!


  1. Your home has Maryland charm down to a T! And maybe it's your blogging this week that has me craving crabcakes. Hmmm, I really want some crabs these days. And thanks for the kitchen shot--I feel it was specifically added for me--it's a great place to cook, I'm sure.

    Happy travels.

    1. Thanks! She's a gracious and charming lady. What's really great is that our former neighbor, who's 102 this year, shared a lot of the history of our street and house with us because she had lived in the adjoining house since she was 8 years old. Can you imagine!? She has told us tales of carts drawn by horses delivering ice because it was back in the days before refrigerators, etc.

      I'm craving crabcakes, too! This trip was the first time that I've been to MD without eating crabs in any form. We usually go to a fish store that makes amazing crab cakes - and take them home and cook them in our kitchen. You're right, it's a great place to cook! I felt as if I was taking a real risk by posting these photos because I was worried that your discerning eye would notice something out of place! ;) Thanks for not telling me if you did!

    2. 102! That's great! I would love the stories! If you're interested, this makes me think of a favorite book which came out maybe twenty years ago, certainly while I still lived in Philadelphia, called Mama makes up her mind, by Bailey White. In the book she writes of a women who saw from another ship the Titanic passing by, and then the fatal evening. All her stories are enchanting.

      And good decorum would require that I notify you privately on any egregious missteps in your home. None to be found anyway.

  2. What a lovely town and perfect for a movie set. I always love when I stumble upon a movie being shot... it's very surreal to me. Sesame Street would always be shot in the West Village in NY... imagine doing a morning run and passing a muppet! It's fun to see the crews and such... As for Judi Dench or Jane Fonda... either works for me!

    1. For me, it's hands down Judi Dench!

      Having grown up with the muppets, I would love to see them on the streets of NYC! I've stumbled across quite a few crews filming movies or television shows in Paris and it's always a thrill.

  3. Your painted lady is a beauty, and looks very comfortable. I can see why you'd be reluctant to leave.

    How fun that you got to see the movie set. I never get tired of coming across movie sets, even if it's for a low-budget student film.

    1. I would imagine that you must come across lots of movie sets in NYC - isn't it the most filmed city in the world? I just googled "most filmed city" and came across some interesting results including one for a company that does a New York City TV and Movie Sites Tour.

      The tour highlights include:

      Pass the hotel that doubled for a Paris hotel in The Devil Wears Prada

      Now I'm wondering about the identity of the Parisian look alike hotel!

  4. She's beautiful. The colours are wonderful!
    I didn't know August 1 was a special day for the Swiss. I knew it was special since it's my birthday and I'm more than happy to share it with Switzerland!


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