Sunday's picture and a song - Sharapova and Djokovic at the French Open Women's Final

Stéphane and my last day at Roland Garros 2012 was fun-filled and action-packed. We saw Maria Sharapova win her first French Open title and become the tenth woman to complete a career Grand Slam. Congratulations, Maria!

We also saw Novak Djokovic being interviewed by Stéphane's favorite female sportscaster. Last week, Tatiana was pretty in pink with matching gloves and this week she was winsome in white. Did the weather require gloves? Not really, but it seems to be her signature accessory.

So, what better "Sunday's Song" than this video of Djokovic imitating Maria Sharapova. If you haven't watched Maria play, Novak's imitation is pretty darn close. Thanks, Joseph, for helping me select today's YouTube video!

Maria on the court.

Sara Errani,  Jean Gachassin (President of the French Tennis Association), Maria Sharapova and Monica Seles, former world number one tennis player. 

Maria's French Open win was her first Grand Slam title since the 2008 Australian Open.

In the stands - Monica Seles with  Jean Gachassin, President of the French Tennis Association

and Martina Navratilova.


  1. Great post MK! Liked the funny video, too. GM

  2. You were so lucky to be there, and so many matches you saw this year! I'm glad for a Maria win but I was hoping the Errani could have pushed it to three. And Monica looks great, but I wonder why she travels with her Mom.

    Novak's impersonations are famous on the circuit, he's very good at them, but then again, tennis players are easy to poke fun at because so many of them have quirks and extreme styles. His impersonation of Nadal caused a bit of a flare up a couple of years back, then Novak starting winning and no one said a thing.

    1. Errani must have been so nervous playing in her first final. Still, I wish that the match would have been more interesting. Monica does look great - thanks for telling us where she was seated. Otherwise, I don't think that we would have spotted her until she presented the trophy to Maria.

      Stephane laughs so hard whenever he sees Novak's impersonations. When we watched the one of Roger, I was laughing at Stephane, who was laughing at Novak. Thanks for telling me about that particular YouTube video. I decided to go with the impersonation of Maria since she's the one that we watched in the final.

      My favorite Novak impersonation is the Nadal one for exactly the same reasons that you stated - he has so many quirks.

  3. Replies
    1.'s hard to believe that it's all over for another year. Oh well, I guess that it's time to move on to other sports, like horse racing and the Eurocup.

  4. Great photos Mary Kay...again very jealous!

    1. Thank you! Don't be jealous - they'll be back in Melbourne soon enough! Let's just hope that you have better weather for the men's final than we did in Paris.

  5. Oh, lucky you! You were there! I'm so proud that Maria Sharapova won! I don't know why, but when I saw this on the news here, I was so happy for her. She's the cutest thing.

    You got some great shots, MK! You must have had great seats!

    1. Maria is beautiful - and she seems to be genuinely nice as well. She certainly looked sexy in her black tennis outfit and caused quite a stir when she walked on the court.

      The zoom on our new camera is deceptive because we were seated one row from the back of the stadium. Not great seats at all. But nonetheless, we were happy to be there and experience our first Grand Slam final.


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