Mike, Peter and THE cake - dining with "My Friends in Boston"!

Forget the forsythia and focus on the coconut cake!

There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, better than starting the day off with a massive piece of coconut cake. Unless, of course, it's ending a memorable day in Boston with this delectable treat. If you would like to taste an exquisite culinary creation, follow these instructions very carefully:
  1. Click over to my friend's blog: Mike's Short Attention Span Theater.
  2. Leave a comment saying that the Barefoot Contessa's coconut cake looks amazing.
  3. Arrange to be in Boston approximately 2 months later.
  4. Finagle an invitation for dinner at Mike and Peter's incredible penthouse loft.
  5. Sip white wine while admiring the stunning view of the city enhanced by the full moon.
  6. Enjoy a hearty meal of pork seasoned to perfection, roasted vegetables and Martha Stewart's Roasted Applesauce.
  7. Laugh, share blogging stories and travel tales, discuss the foibles of American politics and learn about some interesting movies.
  8. Pray, in a loud voice if necessary, that they serve coconut cake for dessert.
  9. Rejoice if they open one of the tall cabinets in the kitchen because that's where they keep the cake hidden from sight!
Many thanks to Mike, Peter and their dog Otis for an unforgettable evening! Sara and I are glad that all of my plotting and planning paid off. Now, I wonder what we'll have to do to get Mike to play "So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music on the piano?

Final step: Gladly accept Mike and Peter's offer to take a piece of cake home with you. Try to remember your manners and not ask for a second piece. It will be difficult to show restraint! Wake up and eat the cake with your hands because Le Meridian doesn't supply their hotel guests with plastic forks. Lick your fingers clean. Sigh. Feel grateful to have met such wonderful people via HomeExchange three and a half years ago.

Edit: Want the recipe? Click here. If you make it at home, please remember to save a slice or two for me!

THE cake!
Perfectly seasoned pork and roasted vegetables.
Martha Stewart's roasted applesauce.
And best of all - Mike and Peter, "my friends in Boston"!


  1. Yumm-ee dee-lish. I love cake in general, and pie and cookies, but I do really love cake. Coconut cake is like a big ole happy treat that comes around so rarely that I would have forgotten all my manners and asked for two slices! So jealous.

    And your instructions make it all so accessible. I'll follow to a tee. Or T.

    1. Tee/Boston T - you're quite the wit today! We could also add tea (as in Boston tea party!)

      I guess that I should have also said that it's possible to make the coconut cake yourself if you follow the recipe on Mike's blog...but where's the fun in that? ;)

  2. Well, you haven't really lived until you've heard Mike's rendition of "So Long, Farewell", but guess that's going to have to wait for another time.

    Was a delight to play host to you and Sara. Look forward to staying tuned to the rest of your Boston adventures.

    Joseph: it seems that we share a fondness for cake. If you're ever in Greenwich Village in NYC, check out the Magnolia Cafe. A cake lover's paradise!

    1. I eagerly await the opportunity to hear Mike's rendition! We'll be sure to bring tissues.

      @Joseph and Peter, I thought that I remembered reading something recently about Magnolia Cafe and sure enough, Mlle Ella posted a picture of their cupcakes when she visited NYC in January.

      Click here to see Mlle Ella's post about Magnolia Cafe

  3. I adore coconut and that cake looks beyond wonderful. Lucky you! Any chance you could wangle the recipe out of Mike and Peter?

  4. Beyond wonderful is an apt description of this coconut cake! You'll find the recipe posted on Mike's blog by clicking on the link in number 1 above.

    Or, to make it more simple, I'll include the link below.

    Click here for recipe for coconut cake

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing! I have never had coconut cake but very tempted to give it a go now

    1. I hadn't had coconut cake in years and had basically forgotten about it until I saw the photo and recipe of it on Mike's blog. It was SO good! The only problem is that I'm not sure if they sell shredded coconut in Paris. I haven't had any reason to look for it before...but I do now!

  6. WOW that coconut cake is huge, and you ate so much of it! on top of the delicious looking pork and roasted veg. I take it the plate was to be shared amongst you and not all for you.LOL!

    I am trying to lose weight at the moment, so I just know that the coconut cake is perfect for me because of course Mike and Pete are both so slim and you always look fabulous...so I can eat it with impunity!

    Love Denise from Bolton

    1. You mean that I was supposed to share the pork and roasted veggies. Oops! Coconut cake is a well known weight loss aid. All of the butter in it helps the fat slide right off! ;)

      Good luck losing weight, although I'm not quite sure why this is an issue. You look great!

  7. Mary Kay -- loved seeing you and meeting your lovely daughter. Thanks so much for making a visit to our place in "Southie" part of your Boston experience. We had an "inkling" that you might enjoy the coconut cake! We had originally hidden it behind the bar over by the patio door, but my fear was that you'd see it and the surprise would be ruined. It was MUCH more fun to delay the surprise. Had I been thinking, I should have set a store-bought Rice Krispie treat on a paper plate in front of you after dinner, just to see your face (or would that have been too cruel???!!!).

    Any way, we were delighted to see you - let's not wait another three years to make that happen again. And thanks for the special treats from Paris. We are doing some damage to that box of delicious chocolates!


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