Looking for the Gingerbread Man in Paris

Can you spot the Gingerbread Man at the Christmas Market? Even though the picture is a bit blurry, I love the people's reactions to Stéphane holding a Gingerbread Man on the Champs-Élysées. 

What started as a simple expedition to take a picture of the big Christmas tree and ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde quickly turned into "Project Gingerbread Man" when Stéphane and Sara decided that we needed a real Gingerbread Man to pose in a photo that I was taking for Joseph the Butler. By the end of the day, the Gingerbread Man had been spotted at the Christmas Market on the Champs-Élysées, in front of the Eiffel Tower, having tea at the Shangri-La, riding the metro and hiding on a pedestrian light. It was all a good-spirited effort to help Mrs. H's class in North Carolina, who are currently looking for the Gingerbread Man. Here's the letter that my daughter Sara wrote to the fourth graders:

“Bonjour” from Paris Mrs. H's class!

A little birdie [aka Joseph the Butler], who’s friends with A and Grandma S, told me you’ve been looking for the Gingerbread Man.  I, too, have been looking and looking and looking. I looked for him on the plane yesterday when I flew from New York to Paris. I looked in the airport when I arrived but only found my parents.  I kept looking for him out of the window when we drove home, but no Gingerbread Man. 

Right when I was about ready to give up, I looked up from the car to take a picture of a famous monument… when there he was! “Wait, Gingerbread Man” I called out. But the Gingerbread Man was too fast. He ran away saying “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man”. As quickly as I could, I snapped a picture. And can you believe it, I caught him just in time. Here’s a photo. Do you recognize the famous monument in the background?

Later that day, I went for a walk by the Seine River. I was sad that the Gingerbread Man had run off so fast and that I didn’t get a chance to tell him I wouldn’t eat him. I told myself I should be happy that at least I caught a glimpse of him in a picture… when, lo and behold, there he was again! I think he thought I couldn’t see him because he was trying really hard to blend in to background. Can you spot him in this second picture pretending to be another famous monument in Paris?

I decided to approach him really slowly and pretend like I didn’t see him there, pretending to be a mini-Eiffel Tower. Moving as cautiously as I could, I went closer, and closer, and closer… Just when I was about to say “Gingerbread Man, I promise I won’t eat you” he jumped off the shelf and disappeared. From a distance, and ever so faintly, I could just hear him say, “Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man”.

Good luck with the rest of your search!



  1. Replies
    1. I had loads of fun with my two "partners in crime", although Sara did start to wonder what her parents get up to in Paris when she isn't here to keep us out of trouble! She tried to discourage us from taking a photo of the Gingerbread Man on a motorcycle, but we didn't listen.

  2. So adorable! I'm trying to do this with my old school back in the states. We have a puppet that resembles our executive director. =)

  3. Oh my!!!! That reminds me of Flat Stanley. He came to Paris in 2002 and traveled the city with our pal Rassoul, posing in fotos for the Beast Cadets. So much fun!!!!

  4. These are the cutest photos ever!! It's such a neat idea :) Reminds me of the scenes from Amélie where she has her airline hostess of a friend take photos of the lawn decoration man (what is the word for that?!) in front of all of these famous monuments!



  5. Ha ha! I LOVE this post. GM xxx
    p.s. Hope you have a nice 'special day' tomorrow.

  6. That's one delicious looking as well as adventurous gingerbread man!

  7. Dear Mary Kay, I have to cancel the Cirque du Soleil post, problems with the pictures about. Here is my answer to your comment:
    "Alegria" is what makes Cirque du Soleil so wonderful to me. There is an enchantment and you can be amazed as a child. The Michael Jackson show is great, but for my taste too much of all, if you know what I mean.
    Do you know James Thierree. If it is possible, try to get tickets for his show 2013. I have seen him im Paris some years ago at the Théâtre de la Ville. I am shure, you will like him.
    Kindest Regards Sanne

  8. Super cute, bet the kids will get a kick out of that

  9. Ha ha! I will have to keep my eyes open for this little man when I am in Paris for Christmas.

    Do you think if I bring a little gingerbread lady, that will stop him running away?

    Love Denise

  10. Great post, I love that you have taken time to interact with a school in the states. Fantastic fun!

  11. I have been very remiss of late Mary Kay but you have totally inspired me!!! I love denise's idea of a gingerbread lady as well. What fun and folly in the season to be jolly!!!

  12. Yet again, you outdid yourself on my behalf. Thank you very much. I do love the reactions of the two children in the top photo, they seem to be paying careful attention to the Gingerbread Man, good catch.

    And I didn't realize Sara had made it to Paris, so very happy for you all.

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