Disneyland for adults? An adventurous night at Hotel Seven in Paris!

Behind the panel in the "007 Suite", there's a 160 cm screen for viewing the collection of James Bond films.

What a contrast! On Wednesday evening, Sara, Gwan and I were surrounded by screaming children and crying babies as we toasted Gwan's 30th birthday in the bar of the Disneyland Hotel. Everyone was exhausted after spending an exciting day at the happiest place on earth and it showed. The parents, who were gulping down florescent colored cocktails to ease the pain in their ears, looked stressed beyond belief as they patiently dealt with the tantrums and the tears. The chaotic pandemonium brought back all too vivid memories of the days when my children were small.

On Thursday evening, I visited an entirely different kind of hotel. Located next to the Latin Quarter and a short walk from the renowned rue Mouffetard, Hotel Seven is the perfect place for a romantic interlude in Paris. Whether you've ever fantasized about spending a night in Marie Antoinette's boudoir or James Bond's sleek lair, the seven different suites in this boutique hotel are designed to serve as a backdrop for your imagination. With levitating beds seductively strewn with rose petals, luxurious shower stalls large enough for two and an open fireplace in the "Lovez Vous" suite, Hotel Seven is like a Disneyland for adults.

In the "Close to the Stars" room, the clear shower is strategically located behind the bed. 

Not surprisingly, many of the guests at Hotel Seven are Parisians seeking respite from their frantic lives. Instead of planning a romantic getaway outside the city, savvy couples leave their children with the grandparents and head straight to the boutique hotel on Friday evening. Some of the guests have even arrived with blindfolds covering the eyes of their spouses after offering them the ultimate present. Time together. And best of all, the last hours of their amorous weekend aren't spent sitting in the endless stream of traffic returning to Paris on Sunday nights. Even though Stéphane and I no longer have small children, I'm going to keep Hotel Seven in mind. It would be the perfect antidote to our full house of visitors during the holidays. Plus, our wedding anniversary is this month!

Hotel Seven
20, rue Berthollet
75005 Paris

But visiting the hotel wasn't the only event on the agenda. After oohing and aahing over all of the special touches in the rooms, we made our way to the breakfast room for a DIY Craft Party organized by Do It Yvette. Sitting across from Jacki, the winner of my "Happy Holiday Giveaway", was a rather intimidating experience because not only is she the mother of an adorable little boy, Jacki worked at a school for children and adolescents with special needs in the United States. She's a whizz with a pair of scissors! Thanks to the careful tutelage of Do It Yvette, I made a Christmas ornament and snow globe that I was proud to show to Stéphane and Sara after I returned home from a very enjoyable night out in Paris.

Many thanks to Do It Yvette for hosting the DIY Craft Party and to Jacki of HJ Underway for joining me!

What do bloggers do when we finish making Christmas crafts? Take photos, of course!


  1. Hey now, are you saying Disneyland isn't for adults? If they could just get rid of all those pesky kids... ;)

    1. Gwan, You mean that the silly grin on my face didn't give you any clues as to how much I like (love!) Disneyland...even with the pesky kids!

  2. I' always thought that Disney is wasted on children. My kids were 14 and 16 when we took them to Florida and we were much more in awe than them. My mum who was around 70 at the time really thought she was going into space in Epcot! When I took my 5 year old grandson, I don't know who enjoyed it more.

    As to the hotel Seven, looks just my kind of funky place...and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. Will keep in on file in case I ever get another "surprise" whirlwind trip to Paris.... maybe next Christmas!...or my birthday, or anniversary. or.....

    are you reading, Mr "suddenly can do no wrong"?

    Please go and try it MK!

    Love Denise

    1. Our children always liked the Disney theme parks, although we didn't go to any when they were teens. That's always a more difficult age to please, isn't it? I know exactly which outer space ride you're talking about at Epcot. It's very realistic!

      Hotel Seven does look like some of the funky places that you've been staying during your travels, Denise. I'll let you know if Stephane and I ever spend a romantic weekend there. With the open fireplace, the "Lovez Vous" suite would be my first choice.

  3. I was hoping for an image of your snow globe and ornament. C'mon, share.

    I stayed in an auberge in Quebec City, Canada that had a 007 suite. Although it wasn't our room we did get to tour it. As I recall there were all sorts of hidden panels, and fancy lighting and yes, a super luxurious sexy bed. It's a good theme for a room.

    1. Even though the 007 room wouldn't be my first choice, I agree that it's a really good idea for a themed room. It had all kinds of special touches, like golden guns for lamp bases and a golden toilet seat. Another thing that I really liked is that all of the rooms at Hotel Seven have Nespresso machines. That's a big plus!

      Unfortunately, the photos of my snow globe and ornament didn't turn out very well. Here's the link for a post written by another blogger with pictures of her craft projects.

  4. What a cool concept to evade reality for a few hours!
    I want to start a travel agency and have you as my Paris person. Seriously. You would make a great Parisian guide. That Navigo pass has paid for itself a thousand times over!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures, I'm getting to know Paris so much better through your eyes. Magnifique!

    1. Whenever I hop on the metro or bus, I'm always happy to have my Navigo pass. I jokingly refer to it as my golden passport to Paris. Life wouldn't be the same without it.

      Let me know when you start your travel agency! ;)

  5. It all looks just a little naughty! How marvellous Mary Key! You only live twice you know.

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