Sunday's picture and a Song - Debussy for daydreaming

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica as seen through one of the clocks at the Musée d'Orsay. 

Gazing at the grey sky and rain streaming down the window, I'm dreaming of polka dotted dresses, shiny top hats and perpetual summer afternoons after seeing the "Impressionism and Fashion" exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay. Here's a bit of Debussy for daydreaming about whatever strikes your fancy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post.

Close-up view of Sacré-Cœur Basilica from the Musée d'Orsay
 Reflections or reality? Tuileries Garden.


  1. I was at a Debussy concert Thursday night--with live harp music--I'd never really seen a harp played outside of an orchestra--it was fascinating to watch.

    1. What a coincidence! I wish that I could have joined you for the Debussy concert. One thing that I learned while looking for a video of Debussy's music is that he first heard Indonesian gamelan music at the World Fair in 1889. Music historians suspect that it may have influenced some of his later compositions. I found it fascinating because we frequently listened to gamelan music while living in Indonesia. It's very hypnotic.

  2. Great shot through the clock. How were you able to get it? I wanted to take that shot but they no longer allow photography in the D'Orsay. In fact, they told me to check my camera before entering.

    Terrific photo of the Tuileries, too! I love reflection shots.

    1. Knowing that it's not allowed to take photos in the D'Orsay, I debated with myself if I should post the clock photo or not. While I followed the rule in every other part of the museum, my self-control snapped when I saw that there were official photographers filming an interview in front of the clock. In no time at all, my camera was out of my purse as I snapped a couple of pics along with everyone else. [I just hope that my children don't read this comment and see what a renegade their mother is!) ;) You must have a really large camera if they made you check it. I had two cameras (one small and one large) in my bag and they didn't say anything.

      I'm having fun with reflection shots at the moment, especially with all the puddles on the ground!

    2. Don't feel guilty, it's a silly rule, and a beautiful photo!

      We have a normal-sized camera, but it was in a camera bag, so it was easy to spot. We didn't actually check it, just pretended we were going to. However, when the time came to "steal" a shot of the clock, I wussed out. You had the prefect cover, though!

      "I'm having fun with reflection shots at the moment, especially with all the puddles on the ground!"

      There are some advantages to rainy days. :)

  3. I love the clock shot as well, but the reflection one is really good! I'm back in rainy Paris, BTW.

    1. Welcome home! I just noticed on Twitter that you're celebrating the one year anniversary of your blog. Congratulations! We'll have to get together as soon as your back on Paris as opposed to Australian time. I can't wait to hear more about your travels.

    2. Will do! I'm down in Blois at the moment escaping the workers on the balcony. Should be back in town the first week in November.

  4. That clock photo is beautiful. One of your best, ever! There's something very "another time" about it... It reminds me of some of the fantasy shots of Paris and its landmarks from the film "Moulin Rouge."

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