Help! Why have my photos been replaced with exclamation points?

This blog is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Bloggers beware! This exclamation point is what readers of your old blog posts may see instead of photos. At least, that's what I learned when someone sent an email saying that many of my older posts are full of these rather alarming black and white graphics that make my blog look like it's full of toxic waste.

To see what I mean, please click here to view my post about the Japanese restaurant, Kunitoraya. Instead of bowls full of steaming udon soup, the interior of the restaurant and the friendly Japanese chefs, there are only lots of exclamation marks and text. What happened to the photos?

Thinking of all the time that I've spent selecting pictures and uploading them, I quickly made sure that my blogger account was up-to-date with the correct card card details to cover my photo storage. After confirming that my account was in order, I searched for the contact information for Google. Instead of a telephone number or an email address for customer service, Google lovingly suggests that I post any questions concerning my blogger account on the message boards where another blogger will (hopefully) assist me. What a joke! From what I've learned from reading other posts, this is an issue with broken links. I can't fix that on my own.  It would mean reloading all of the photos and incurring additional charges for storage.

Has anyone else had this happen?
Do you know how I can contact someone at Google/Blogger?
Any other advice before I start taking my frustration out on my laptop?

I'm a very unhappy blogger today! And to make matters worse, it's Paris.

Edit: Thanks to all the help that I've received via Twitter, facebook and comments, I figured out that one of my Picasa albums, which is where blogger stores photos, has mysteriously been deleted. I don't know why. I don't know how. All I know is that it impacts my December 2011 posts. The good news is that this incident has pushed me to make the move to my own domain. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.


  1. How awful! I hope you find someone to help you solve the problem. All those beautiful photos that I'm so jealous of!

  2. I see on the forums that you are not alone. Lots of people having this same issue, and not a lot of answers on how to fix. I do see a repeated list of troubleshooting questions, saying that there may be a relationship to Picasa, since all Blogger images are stored there.!topic/blogger/sgqoRIrJMks

    I also just found this interesting post further confirming how the relationship betwn google products may have wreaked havoc:

    good luck!

  3. This happened to me that time it was because I had deleted photos from my photo file. When I deleted them they also disappeared from my blog as well. Then I just bought more storage and the problem was solved...I think it must have to do with the photo end and not the blog itself.....hope you figure it out soon!!!

  4. So sorry, Mary Kay. How frustrating. I'm almost scared to look at my old posts for fear of finding out the same thing! Good luck, my dear.

  5. MK! My thumbnails of all of the projects I "cheerlead" for are mysteriously gone too! What is going on?! Well this sounds like it's on blogspot's side if it has happened to BOTH our blogs.

    If I hear anything, I'll let you know. For now, I'm going to go through old posts to see that this ugly image isn't lurking around. Thanks for the head's up.


    Happy Sunday. Il fait hyper beau!


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