Sunday's picture and a song - Statue of Liberty in the Luxembourg Garden

"La Liberté éclairant le monde" - Liberty lighting the world - but what happened to her torch?

Many thanks to Anne, Joseph and David for telling me about the Statue of Liberty in the Luxembourg Gardens after I asked how many statues of Lady Liberty there are in Paris.

Seeing the inscription, 15 de Novembre 1889, on Lady Liberty's tablet has me wondering what is inscribed on the one in New York City. Does anyone know?

In honor of the Statue of Liberty's Franco-American heritage:


  1. I would guess the inscription if the same, or the equivalent in English maybe. I could google it,but what's the fun of that?

    the phrase, give me your tired, hungry and poor, is on the base of the statue, I think. (And that is a terrible paraphrase of the phrase.)

  2. Yeah, I thought about googling it and had the same reaction as you. Hopefully someone will be able to enlighten us.

    Your paraphrase sounds accurate to me, but I've never visited Lady Liberty while in NYC.

    But I'm disappointed - no comment about how we braved the elements to find the Statue of Liberty this afternoon? Stephane had to make two cups of steaming hot chocolate when we got home to help us thaw out. It was cold and wet out there today!

  3. July 4 1776
    I'm a googler and proud of it
    BTW, there is a huge replica at the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas....

  4. Thanks, Nancy. Glad you're a googler! I am, too - most of the time.

    I haven't seen the Statue of Liberty in Vegas, although I did see a photo of her when I googled "how many Statues of Liberty are there". ;-)

  5. Well you didn't tell us you had to work under such conditions! I just thought that was a typical near-winter day in Paris.

    Well done, and appreciated.

    I looked at David's blog also, the Frenchman writing in English--he's moving!

  6. Joseph, Yesterday was the first miserable day that we've had in a while so I wasn't ready for the cold. Brrr. Stephane had to hold the umbrella over my head while I took photos because the lens kept getting wet. But we found the S of L! Thanks again for the tip.

    I was pleased to learn about David's blog. It turns out that we share an interest in Japanese food - which is good for him because that's where he lives now.

  7. Yes, the date on Miss Liberty refers to the American Independance Day.
    You can also find a nice Liberty statue at the entrance of Bartholdi's birth town, Colmar (Alsace), and a museum about his projects (he worked with Gustave Eiffel together). A place to visit for Christmas with wonderful Christmas markets in a lot of towns :)

    PS: sorry for the mistakes...

    Marie K.


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