What gives me the heebie jeebies in Paris?

The long hallway lined with wooden doors in our basement

Cue some scary music, something that you would hear while watching a psychological thriller like Psycho.

Zoom in on the tense face of a lone women. Her hands tremble while she fumbles with an ancient key. Finally, she manages to shakily unlock the heavy metal door. Creak...it slowly swings open on rusty hinges. The woman pauses to take a deep breath and then cautiously enters the dimly lit hallway. Her trepidation and fear are obvious. Wooden doorways, some of them marked with mysterious symbols line the walls. What secrets do they contain? Are they cells holding depraved criminals? And just when the woman's hand reaches for the lock on one of the doors and the music reaches its crescendo - Click - total darkness.

While I don't normally have such a vivid imagination, the above scene plays in my head for days before I can finally convince myself to make the trip to the netherworld that is our basement. Perhaps the most daunting aspect of the chore is that the lights are on timers that always seem to switch off at the most inopportune moment leaving me alone in the dark to wonder what's going to crawl across my feet or grab me from behind. It's a scary place!

But since we're traveling to Normandy today, I had to get our suitcases from the basement. Fortunately, Philippe was there to help me but next time I'll be on my own....

I'll be out of the basement and will have a regular post ready for you tomorrow. And just in case you're thinking that my fears are groundless, take a look at the size of the rats in this post!

The door next to ours is always left ajar. What's inside?


  1. Probably your everyday wine cellar in your in Paris...maybe some nice Bordeaux?
    Nothing to be afraid of, even if it looks creepy.

  2. Now that I know that it's probably Bordeaux, I'll have to make more frequent trips to my cellar! I'm really not someone who scares easily but my mind does get away from me in the basement - I think that it has to do with the scene in "Diva" (?) when the light goes out and one of the characters is trying to find the light switch and falls to his death. I know. That would be hard to do in a basement. ;-)

    I've always been enchanted by your paintings. They really are "Paris dreams". Thanks for commenting.

  3. i think its a French basement thing! The basement at my office is like this too. I hate when my boss sends me down there to get an archived file. I'm waiting for Hannibal Lector to be around the corner!!!

    It smells like bananas down there too...I know, weird.

  4. Bananas, hmmmm....did Hannibal Lector eat bananas?! Oh, no he couldn't have because he wore that face mask.... but wait, he could mash the bananas and they would still fit through the holes.

    I can just imagine what my overactive brain would do with the combination of a scary basement and the smell of bananas. I'm sure that it would come up with all kinds of scenarios, all of them gruesome.

    I enjoyed wandering around your blog last night. It's a fun and interesting read!

  5. That does look scary! They told me when I moved in to my place there was no cave, but one day for some reason I pushed past the bikes which are always getting in my way in the foyer and into a secret door and there so is a cave! Which annoys me, because I have zero storage in my place. I want to put something down there (it's just one room with different nooks, not completely separate like yours) but would be scared someone would throw it out.


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