What else can you do with a Vélib? - or clever people in Paris!

While you've probably already heard about Vélibs, the world's largest bike sharing program, you may not know that they're the best seats in town for watching a concert in front of the Hôtel de Ville. Judging by the looks on their faces, the lady with the red hair and the man in the jacket don't seem to approve of the woman in the middle who is actually going to use the Vélib for its intended purpose. What scandalous behavior - it's like she's removing a seat from a concert hall or a movie theater!

With over 20,000 bicycles at your disposal, Vélibs are a great way to see the city. Pick a Vélib up from one station and then leave it at another one near your destination. What could be easier than that? There's even a free iPhone app to help you find the closest Vélib station and a customer service line offering assistance in English. One and seven day tickets may be purchased online for 1.70€ and 8.00€, respectively. During that period, you may use Vélibs as frequently as you want and will only pay an additional amount for any trips over 30 minutes. It's a great deal.

Vélib Website
Customer Service line for assistance in English: 01 30 79 79 30

And here's a photo of the concert that the Vélib "riders" were watching. When you see the size of the crowd, don't you think that they were clever to sit rather than to stand?


  1. The Vélibs have come to Boston! I saw them for the first time last weekend near South Station - we'll have to try them out next time you come to visit!

  2. Sara, Great news that the Velibs have made it to Boston! I agree that we have to try them out -- but do you actually want to ride them somewhere or use them as seats to watch a concert? ;-)


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