Sunday's picture and a song - Cat's in the Cradle...or what's in season at the market?

Shopping at the market in Paris - I'd like a watermelon, one kilo of apples and a cat.

Have a purr-fect Sunday!


  1. an adorable kitty
    I'll have one too :)

  2. Mary Kay -- as a "mom" of 3 cats I am just melting. You are a wonderful photographer and writer. -- Maddietravel

  3. Thanks, Maddie. The cat looked so comfortable snuggled up with all of the fruit. I had just finished eating a delicious tajine for lunch at the Marche des Enfants-Rouges and was tempted to join the cat for a nap. But since I coudn't decide if I should use a watermelon or an apple for a pillow, I took the pic and continued on my way.


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