There's a lot more to explore in Bayeux and Honfleur

A charming riverside restaurant in Bayeux that serves traditional Norman crepes and apple cider in bowls.

This week has been rather topsy turvy emotionally - my son went back to Boston on Tuesday, friends arrived from Annapolis yesterday afternoon, and I've exchanged quite a few moving emails with the nephew of Pvt. John Daum, the paratrooper who is buried at the American Cemetery in Normandy, and with Yvan, the Belgian man who left the beautifully worded letter by Pvt. Daum's grave. And for the first time in a long time, I don't have that much to say...

I do, however, have a couple of photos from Bayeaux and Honfleur, two towns that definitely merit a return visit.

An old water wheel in Bayeax. The purple flowers added a bit of color to a grey day in Normandy.
A long row of high houses in the background and boats in the foreground in the inner harbour in Honfleur.
There are lots of restaurants, most of which serve fresh seafood, making it a great place for lunch or dinner.
An old building in Honfleur. I'm sure that it has a name, but I don't know what it is.
Maybe I'll find out the next time that I'm in Honfleur. Let's hope that it's soon!


  1. I hope you are back in Honfleur soon too Mary Kay ! I spent a couple of days there and made this

  2. I do too, Tony! And the feeling of wanting to return has intensified after watching your YouTube video. It really is "The gem at the mouth of the Seine" like your title says. I know that there are a lot of restaurants in Honfleur but didn't realize that there are 100. Even though there are so many, I'm fairly sure that we ate at the same one as you. It was located on the left-hand corner of the port. The mussels with cream sauce were delicious...and so was the Grand Marnier crepe. Thanks for posting the link to your YouTube video.


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