Sunday's picture and a song - peace

While visiting the beaches where thousands of young soldiers lost their lives during the Allied assault on the Normandy Coastline on June 6, 1944, I couldn't help but wish that the world's nations were at peace.


  1. What a Wonderful World-- my favorite rendition was Stephane's at the karaoke bar in Surabaya.

    I finally tracked you down via your daughter on fb, which my kids finally convinced me to join. You're in Paris?! Lovely. I'm booking my ticket tout de suite. Really, I won't be a bother. Just a couch to sleep on.

    Big changes all around. I'd love to catch up. I'm still at Enjoy the oysters and hi to your guys.

    Lisa K.

  2. Lisa,

    How absolutely wonderful to hear from you! Book a ticket and come to Paris - you know that we would love to see you again. And I'll even offer you a bed instead of a couch. I'm sending you an email right now to arrange the details. See you soon!

    Mary Kay

  3. Well, unfortunately I can't come quite yet as much as I'd like to. Work resumes on the 22nd. :( But I could definitely come within the year. I am thinking of coming to Switzerland next June for my Swiss sister's 60th birthday. Wheels are turning...

    In the meantime, email me and we can take this conversation out of the public realm.

    I gave away most of my Indonesian beads recently. Not the silver. I came across all my accounts from our time of doing business. Good times.


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