Paris-Delhi-Bombay Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou

"Freedom is Everything" by Saksi Gupta

After posting about the Ganesha Festival yesterday, this seems like the perfect time to share a couple of photos from the Paris-Delhi-Bombay exhibition that is currently at the Centre Pompidou. With works by more than 50 Indian and French artists, this major exhibition encourages visitors to discover contemporary Indian society and to learn more about the complex and fascinating culture of India.

My favorite piece was "Freedom is Everything" by Saksi Gupta. At first glance, Gupta's installation resembles a traditional Indian rug, albeit a rather uncomfortable one! The metal automobile parts symbolize the industrialization of India, while the cogs represent the decisions imposed upon young Indians by their families and by society. As the cogs of society inevitably move towards a more modern approach, new opportunities and life choices become available to the young people of India.

"Freedom is Everything" by Saksi Gupta. You wouldn't want to walk on this rug!

After living in Trinidad, where water was delivered to our house by truck twice a week, I also appreciated Atul Bhalia's photographic series, "One Rupee for a Big Glass". Intended to raise awareness about the importance of water, Bhalia's photos show water vendors with their portable ice boxes selling this valuable resource to passers-by. Did you know that Paris used to have water porters?

Paris-Delhi-Bombay Exhibition is at the Centre Pompidou until September 19, 2011.

Centre Pompidou
Place George Pompidou
75004 Paris


  1. How large is the rug? I can't seem to decide on the scale.

  2. Good question. It was the size of a large living room rug. So what would that be? Maybe 18x12 feet. The photo of the entire installation really doesn't do it justice because it looks like a beautiful Indian carpet. It drew quite a large crowd of people who were admiring the precise placement of all of the automobile parts.

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