Sunday's picture and a song - Samba by the Seine

Wanted: A Samba song to go with these photos!

It was a hot and steamy in Paris last night and the Samba dancers were having a wonderful time dancing on the Quai Saint Bernard next to the Seine. Now we just need some Brazilian music to go with the photos. Please let me know if you have a recommendation for a song that I can find on YouTube.

Update: This post has a song thanks to Maddie! Please see her comment about Samba, Tango and Bossa Nova.


  1. Mary Kay -- those bottom 2 photos look more like Tango or Bossa Nova than Samba. As a former resident of Brazil I can say that Samba is danced solo rather than with a partner. Anything by Antonio Carlos Jobim will do for Bossa Nova! -- Maddie

  2. Maddie, Thanks for the explanation about the difference between Samba and Bossa Nova! There were lots of groups doing different dances along the Seine, including one that looked a bit like Scottish dancing but the music sounded more Mediterranean. And thanks for telling me about Antonio Carlos Jobim. It's been fun listening to his songs on YouTube. I decided to go with "Girl from Ipanema".

  3. Great pics! I have always love Girl from Ipanema. THanks for starting my day with her!

  4. parisbreakfast - thanks for the link!I What a great song. I haven't ever been to Brazil but it brings back good memories of watching "Eat, Pray, Love".

    maisouiparis, Glad you were able to have a smooth start to your day with Girl from Ipanema. When do you arrive in Paris?

  5. Mary Kay -- talk around coincidence - I have watched that same video on youtube many times when missing my Brasil :)

    Note: Samba is that crazy fast-dance you see people doing in the streets during Carnaval

    PS -- you won't regret if your husband's next posting is there. Everyone looooves Brasil...

  6. Wow - everyone who has lived in Brazil seems to have really liked it there, so I guess that I won't say no if we ever get the opportunity to go. But there's no way that I'll ever be able to get my body to move like the dancers.

    Thanks for the further explanation about Samba - I should have known after going to Samba night at le Bristol that it wasn't Samba that I was watching by the Seine. (Blush)

  7. Mary, nice blog, and some very nice pictures! I am visiting this year, so this is a great source of information and inspiration for me.

    I have one question for you: I heard there used to be salsa dancing by the Seine in the summer. Do you know if this is still on for this year or did they stop having these events? Thanks.

    1. Thank you!

      Salsa dancing by the Seine seems to happen every summer and even though I haven't seen it yet this year, some of our visitors did. Look for it next to the Seine by the Quai Saint Bernard.

      Good luck and have fun planning your upcoming trip to Paris!

  8. Thank you very much for your reply, appreciate it. Keep up the great work on here!


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