What are your first memories of Paris?

Some of the postcards that I purchased in Paris in 1981.

Looking through the scrapbook that I mentioned in yesterday's post brought back lots of good memories of my first backpacking trip to Europe with my brother Jon in 1981.

Notes on the back of the postcards.

Here are some of the notes that I wrote to myself on the back of the postcards:

Saw the Eiffel Tower on June 2, our first day in Paris.  Took a nap there due to jet lag.

Went to Monmartre on June 2, 30, and July 1.  Very beautiful to look out over the city of Paris. Especially at dusk.

Walked along the Seine River on June 3.  This was after we saw the outside of the Louvre.  [I suspect that cost saving measures kept us from buying tickets to visit the Louvre, but it's 30 years later and I still haven't been inside.]

very beautiful city.

What are your first memories of Paris?

The cover of my scrapbook.


  1. Oh how funny. I had gone to Paris 10 or 12 times before finally stepping through the Louvre's doors, and then we were only inside for 45 minutes. Crazy isn't it, but there's just too much outside, too many treasures there. And who can really get up from the cafe and go inside?

    And if it's raining, you avoid the museum simply because everyone else is already there.

    I have go to the Musee D'Orsay twice though and many of the smaller museums, like the Rodin and Picasso.

    My first trip to Paris was a quick one. I was in London, I came over to visit friends who were suddenly in Paris--how did we ever figure that out back then without emails and mobile phones? But we did and we had the most magical day along the River, picnicking with cheap wine and bread until after 10pm, with the sun still lighting the sky. Magic to my eyes. Where did I stay on that trip? Must have been someone's floor.

  2. I was 16 and my memories are foggy. I do remember a very curmudgeonly elevator operator at the Eiffel Tower.


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