Betcha can't eat just one - Lay's potato chip

New goat cheese flavored chips by Lay's

Given the name of this blog, you're probably expecting to read about something that I did "out" in Paris rather than "in" my apartment, but even though I have other posts that are lined up and ready to go, this one's jumping the queue because I couldn't wait to tell you about the new Lay's goat cheese potato chips.  Yes, they're that darn good.  And even though this isn't a paid for advertisement, if someone at Lay's would like to send me a supply of these new chips, I would be one happy woman.

So, without further ado, here's the tale of how I tasted my first goat cheese potato chip:

After sprinting from store to store, lifting overstuffed bags, and dodging frenzied shoppers during what felt more like a grueling triathlon than a shopping trip with my son, I collapsed on the couch when we returned home, waved my hand in the general direction of the kitchen, and told Stephane and Philippe to forage for themselves.  Even though a variety of leftovers made short and rather unappealing appearances in front of me, my interest in food wasn't aroused until an enticing looking bag of chips arrived on the scene.  Taking a sip of red wine, I popped one of the chips in my mouth and shuddered.  Yuck!  It tasted really strange.  But then I remembered that European chips come in all sorts of different flavors, like roasted chicken and bratwurst, and decided to give the chips another chance.  Truth be told, I was just too lazy to get up and look for something else.  Most unexpectedly, however, the flavor of goat cheese combined with the salty chips started to grow on me and the bag was almost empty before I knew it.  

Well, it's time for me to make a quick trip to the grocery store for some cereal, milk, and another bag of those incredibly good chips.  Goat cheese, anyone?

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All that remained of the bag of chips...


  1. I can eat almost any chip. And I think I'd like this one.

    Teriyaki is a strange one that I've also seen.

    I love serving potato chip in silver bowls at casual parties--but always in silver bowls.

  2. and yet you weren't a fan of the goat cheese ice cream ;)

  3. Joseph, If you like goat cheese, there's a very good chance that you would like these chips...and just think how classy they would be in your silver bowls! The red wine was a good addition, too.

    Sara, That's exactly what Philippe said. Maybe there were just too many flavors going on in the chocolate goat cheese brownie ice cream, although I'm willing to try it again the next time that I'm in Boston.

  4. That's a poor excuse - its really only goat cheese and brownie (no chocolate) :P

    Next time you're here I can make you some goat cheese ice cream minus the brownie which is also really yummy!

    p.s. the chips sound great! The French really do know how to make good potato chips, I remember stocking up whenever we would cross the border!

  5. Sounds like a deal. Maybe I'll even bring you some French potato chips (goat cheese, of course) in exchange for the goat cheese ice cream.

  6. I just tried the Lay's Goat Cheese. My colleague bought for me from South France as I haven't seen in HK before. It's reallllllyy goooooooooood! Do they sell it anywhere in France?

    1. Ha! It sounds as if you really like Lay's Goat Cheese potato chips. I'm not sure if they're available in all parts of France but I've seen them in lots of grocery stores in Paris!

  7. I ate them this summer in France! I want to find them here in the US!!! YUM!!!!

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