Ralph Lauren's "The Art of the Automobile" at Les Arts Decoratifs

One of Ralph Lauren's 14 Ferraris

Some people mistakenly think that I live with Ralph Lauren.  After all, I wake up to the sight of his name on my sheets, dry off with a towel bearing his initials, and would have already worn my new Ralph Lauren white jeans a couple of times if the weather in Paris had been more cooperative.  So, it came as a bit of a surprise that the security guards at the Art of the Automobile exhibition didn't seem to know about my close relationship with Mr. Lauren and told me that I wasn't permitted to take pictures of any of his cars.  Thinking that he would surely understand, I took a couple of photos with my iPhone so that you could see what my numerous purchases of RL products have enabled him to buy.

While the Bugatti Atlantic (1938), which some automotive aficionados deem the most beautiful car ever made, is definitely gorgeous, the car that captured my attention was the Alfa Romeo "Mille Miglia".  With it's sleek curves, sexy red sheen, and teardrop shaped mudguards, this exquisite automobile is the one that I would have wanted to drive during the "Thousand Mile Race" in 1938 when it reached the incredible speed of 115 miles per hour (185 kph).  Additionally, this exceptional vehicle was judged best in its class at the 2005 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The form, color, material, and design of each of the seventeen vehicles are outstanding examples of the creative genius of the automotive industry. For as one of Ralph Lauren's employees explained when asked why Mr. Lauren "only" owns 14 Ferraris, "You might know a guy with 27 Ferraris but that's like having 27 - one dollar bills, whereas Ralph Lauren has 14 - one hundred dollar bills!".

 The Art of the Automobile exhibition is at Les Arts Decoratifs until August 28, 2011.

107 rue de Rivoli
Paris 75001
Tuesday to Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM
Nocturne: Thursday 6 to 9PM 

Visit the Ralph Lauren website to see more photos of these exceptional automobiles and to listen to their engines.

A man sketching the Ferrari 250 "Testa Rossa" (1958). Next time I'm going to bring my sketchpad instead of my camera!


  1. I'll be interested to see if you're contacted by the POWERS that be about this posting, since you've included photos.

    I love that a man brought his sketchbook--brilliant.

    And your passion for RL makes me laugh, what does Stephane say?

  2. Let's hope that I don't have to start writing a blog called, "Locked in and not able to go out in Paris" as a result of the photos.

    Stephane didn't have much to say about my relationship with RL, but he did have a lot to say after seeing the photos of RL's cars. Mainly that they're beautiful and that he wants to see them for himself, so it looks as if I may be returning to the scene of the crime in the near future.

  3. They may already have your photo in the security booth, with the words "Do Not Allow To Enter" "Ne Pas Laisser Entrer." underneath.

  4. And Stephane wouldn't be any help because he would already be safely inside admiring RL's cars while the guards blocked my entrance and pointed their fingers at the exit door.

    Maybe I better rethink this and suggest that he go to the exhibition on his own. ;-)

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