Shopping - American style

One of the necessary evils associated with vacationing in the USA is stocking up on items, such as shoes, shirts, jeans, etc., because I'm too much of a miser to pay French prices. European friends have used all kinds of arguments about buying locally and supporting the economy of the country in which I live to try to convince me to change my ways, but I simply can't do it.  Inertia kicks in whenever I gaze through the window of a store in Paris and see a simple pair of flats for 100 Euros.  I just can't bring myself to cross the threshold and plunk down that much money for something that I know that I can find for a quarter of the price at Marshalls or at one of the factory outlet malls.

The other problem is that since I know that I'm only spending a fraction of what I would in Paris, I invariably end up buying two pairs of shoes instead of just one because I'm saving so much money.  So, where does that leave me at the end of the day?  Trying to stuff everything in my suitcase and wondering how it's all going to fit in my closet back home.

We're currently en route to Boston.  Did you know that they don't have a state sales tax on clothes in Massachusetts?

And just in case you need some evidence that I occasionally support the French economy, please read my post about shopping for an Hermes scarf.


  1. Oh My Goodness, I lived one town or two over from Queenstown! We used to run down there for fun and the antique store next door. I also loved the Pepperidge Farm outlet--cheap cookies! And there was a kitchen supply store that I liked a lot. Never bought too many clothes there though--just not a good selection for men.

    And as I've said on one of my earlier posts, I shop now to 'trade up'--buying better quality over quantity and I think that's a more Euro-centric way to shop, yes?

  2. Well, some of your Swiss-European friends have another opinion (as you know). Time to get together and keep discussing, don't you think? Have fun in the States and a good trip back!
    Paul, the baker and his wife

  3. Joseph, Queenstown is always one of our destinations when we're in Annapolis. The next time that I'm in the area I hope to spend a bit more time exploring the Eastern Shore, including the antique store that you mentioned. I haven't been there yet.

    Paul, who commented below, would definitely agree with you about buying quality over quantity. The shopping habits between Americans and Europeans is something that always sparks an interesting discussion between us.

    Paul, We'll have to get together very soon so that we can give you the agenda that we picked up for you in the States...unless you don't want it anymore because it wasn't made in Switzerland. ;-) Let's get together very soon so that we can discuss it!


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