Sunday's picture and a song - Singing in the Rain

Huddled together watching the sunset (?!) in front of Sacre Coeur.

At least the weather looks more promising for next week.  For those who are challenged by the metric system, like me, the high will be 73 and the low will be 55 Fahrenheit.  Let's hope that the forecast is correct as the Tour de France cyclists will speed down the Champs-Elysées later this afternoon and I would rather not be "Singing in the Rain" while watching them.

  1. Weather for Paris, France

    17°C | °FSunMonTue
    Mostly CloudyPartly CloudyShower
    Mostly Cloudy
    Wind: N at 11 km/h
    Humidity: 60%


  1. When I was in Australia earlier this year, I learned to 'double the celsius and add 25' to get the equivalent F temperature. It works.

  2. Thanks - I'll have to remember that equation. I've gotten used to seeing the temperature in celsius over the years, but for some reason it just doesn't register with my brain the same way that F does. It's helpful to know a quick way to convert it.

  3. Looks like I had the best weather possible in May...still lovin' Paris vicariously through your blog and lens. nancyb

  4. Nancy, The memories of the sunny days in May seem like ancient history right now. You really were here at the right time. It feels like I haven't seen the sun since we left the States...but the good news is that Paris is still Paris. I've been looking for posts from you on Trip Advisor but haven't seen anything definitive about your trip in November. One of the upsides of bad weather here is that Paris has some very dramatic clouds that look good in photos.


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