Lost and found - Jim Morrison's bust

Jim Morrison's tombstone at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in July 1981.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post describing how distraught I was to learn that someone had stolen Jim Morrison's bust.  It felt as if someone had pilfered a bit of my youth, but fortunately photographic evidence of my first pilgrimage to visit his grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetery was safely stowed in a dusty scrapbook in Annapolis.

Pulling the book off of the shelf, a couple of photos and postcards flutter to the floor.  The masking tape holding the mementos in place is starting to crumble and the picture of me sitting on a burro in Spain is mingled amongst the snapshots of our cheap hotel (and all of our hotels were cheap!) in Amsterdam.  Flipping through the Paris pages, I see that they are largely intact, unlike Jim's grave.  And there it is - the photo of the white marble bust with offerings of red roses and white chrysanthemums.  The headstone and the flowers are wet, so my memories of trekking to Pere Lachaise in the cold rain weren't wrong.  Further evidence of the cool temperatures can be found in a photo of me strolling through the Tuileries Garden while wearing the wool jacket that I had to use some of my meagre savings to buy in Norway.  Travelling from Memphis, Tennessee, I had no idea that Europe wouldn't be hot and humid in June and July.

It's good to see you again, Jim!

Click here to read the post about my visit to Pere Lachaise cemetery in 2011.

Click here to visit the Jim Morrison's Paris website.  It has lots of interesting information, including a self-guided tour with an interactive map and a FAQs section about Jim's last days in Paris.

The Jim Morrison page from my scrapbook.


  1. Hi Mary Kay, I am currently seeking out photos of Jim Morrison's grave. I would like to have a photo of the 2 different gravestones throughout the years. I have not yet seen a photo such as yours above. I was wondering if you would kindly give me permission to use your photo on my website (of course full credit will be given). Thank you. Cheers, Susan


    1. I just been there a few weeks ago. Email me and I will give you the current pics: leeann827@hotmail.com

  2. Susan, First of all - many thanks for asking for permission to use the photo. After seeing some of my photos (and even an entire blog post) reproduced on other websites, I sincerely appreciate being asked. So, yes, you have my permission to use the photo. Shall I send it to you at your website?

    My internet connection is acting up this morning, but I'm going to check out your Paris Music Guide as soon as it's more cooperative because my son and I were just looking for some good places to listen to live music.

  3. Hi :) i visited in 1997 and again last week. The bust was gone in 97 disappointingly. Would be great if another could be made as i feel the grave is lacking something. But i do love Pere lechaise :)

  4. I have some pics from 1984 if you would be ineterested.


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